Merry Yule Everybody!

Discussion in 'Friends' started by Lina, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Lina Chief


    The hobbits in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom wishes a grand and merry Yule to all good friends and aquaintances. Here is this year's Yule greeting video.

    The Yule Video

    The Grand Order Yule Greetings Video 2013 - full screen and high quality recommended!

    The Yule Greeting

    The hobbits of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom would like to wish all our good friends and acquaintances a very merry Yule!

    We'll have a few quiet days over the Yuletide, enjoying some lazy time with friends, family and the finest of hobbit foods (at least seven meals a day). Once we've rested up a bit, though, things will be busy indeed:
    We hope that yer will join us during these festivities, we would love to see yer there!

    In the meantime, we wish a grand and merry Yule to everyone! May yer always enjoy health, happiness and the comfort of a warm burrow with well-stocked larder.

    The Grand Order hobbits
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  2. Potty Member

    *smiles happily*

    A grand and merry Yule to all members of the Grand Order, and all the merry friends and people we meet durin' our travels in the Shire!

    *raises a glass of mulled wine*
  3. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    A merry Yule, fellow Mathomers! And to all Hobbits, lankies, elves, dwarves, and even Lobelia! *sprinkles some ore dust around*
  4. Jiro Master of the Forge

    *gathers up the ore dust* Woohoo!!

    Merry Yule everyone, have fun and try not to eat too much.... I'm looking at you when I say that Simbo.
  5. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Merry Yule to everyone too!

    Rest assured I will not eat too much, because such a thing is simply not possible! *Pats Belly*

    *Gives a big Yule wave to everyone!*
  6. Speckles Member

    A very merry Yule and snowy mathoms to everyone!
  7. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    A very Merry Yule to all in the Grand Order, our friends and acquaintances far and wide. Wherever you may be this year I hope you can enjoy some festive cheer and good fortune for the year ahead!
  8. Spriggy Member

    A merry Yule to all of you, dear friends! May the lights tickle your noses and the butterflies fly forever in your bellies!

    Love, Spriggy
  9. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Eeek, I am late! Happy Yule to you all, fellow Mathomers! May the new year bring you health and good fortunes!

    And pies!

    And biscuits!

    And catfish cakes!

    And ....
  10. Lully Member

    Thankfully Yule stretches over quite some days, so I don't think it is too late to wish all Mathomers a very Happy Yule!
  11. Lithea Member

    I'm thinkin Yule is a season, so Miss Lully and I are not that late fer wishing folks happiness an health an plenty of good food and company. *Cheers*
  12. Lina Chief

    Around here, there is a saying that Yule lasts all the while until Easter. So no wishes are too late so far *grins*

    Oh, and a happy new year everyone!
  13. Rubellita Member

    A happy new year to you all! *group hugs the entire kinship*
  14. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    I am a bit late here, but Happy New Year from me too. May it be a Grand new year for all!

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