Poem Naughty But Nice

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A poem about being naughty, but nice! Not that I am ever naughty. I would never play the Hopping song on Bagpipes when I host the Green Dragon. No. Never....

    Naughty, but Nice

    My Ma, who was full of much wisdom
    Once sat me right down on her knee
    She told me it's good to be normal
    And that sensible's what I should be

    Though many a year may have passed now
    I've found I've ignored her advice
    Because all my experience tells me
    It's best being naughty but nice!

    For being a little mischievous
    And causing a bit of a din
    Is something that brings much excitement
    When done with a wink and a grin

    I like to flick gravy at dinner
    Or speak when my mouth's full of tea
    I often make faces at bounders
    And sneak lots of apples from trees

    Sometimes I shout out in the morning
    And scare off the birds in the sky
    And maybe I'll splash in some puddles
    Where other stay home in the dry

    Just make sure the folk all around you
    Can join in the laughs all the while
    For naughty should never be nasty
    It's fun to make everyone smile

    You mustn't get older and wiser
    Just older and sillier still
    Inside we are all a bit naughty
    What else ever brings such a thrill?

    And whilst I still have your attention
    It's worth me repeating this twice
    Life is too short to be normal
    So it's best being naughty but nice!


    I can't take any credit for the term Naughty but Nice, because it was originally an advertising slogan from the 80's (maybe the 70's) used to sell cream cakes!

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  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    A wonderful poem, Master Simbo. And indeed, the trick lies in making sure all others laugh. Often neglected, that. *smiles*

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