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    Miss Lina read my entry on the Laurelin Archives this morning and asked me to share it also with you here. I hope you'll enjoy it.

    A Hobbit's Tale - Buckland

    The day I started my journey to the north (wearing my new amazing dress) I decided to have a trip to Buckland. I always wanted to see Brandy Hall and Crickhollow, but I never found the right occasion before. Too many times I heard hobbits at the Green Dragon saying that those from the Eastmarch are odd people, it was about time to verify these rumours.

    After a brief break at Stock for my second breakfast, I decided to cross the Brandywine on a boat. I know, why have you always to do things in an unusual way, Neti? Why not taking the path of the Brandywine Bridge? Well, when I arrived upon the shore, I spotted two fisherhobbits that were sitting on a lovely little boat... "Would you like the reach the other side of the river, Miss?" asked me one of them. I told yes and they offered me a ride on their boat. I loved the experience! The scenery was stunning there.


    Once on the other side, I thanked my escorts and I ventured myself among pretty little holes surrounded by little gardens and friendly animals. I'd love to own a pet, maybe a cute shrew or even a duck! Oh, and have I mentioned the ponies? They have huge stables at Bucklebury, they reminded me those I saw at Bree-town last time I went there. But the best sight has been Brandy Hall for sure. What an incredible hobbit hole!


    It has the biggest number of windows I ever seen, almost like the Prancing Pony. "So, here is were Master Frodo Baggins spent his childhood...not a bad place to grow up!" I thought. But probably I'll never repeat that at Bannockbury, the other hobbits would start rumours about my weirdness. Brandy Hall is beautiful and so are its gardens. So many beautiful plants and flowers...I'd love to work here for a while, even if it's very close to the forest. The Old Forest, they have a huge hedge to separate the village from those scary trees and a long tunnel that ends in the forest. Honestly I don't know why they built it, the tunnel, I mean we don't have to be linked to a scary forest when we already have what we need in our pretty village! I should ask around about it.


    After my exploration, the night was approaching so I asked around and I've been welcomed to spend the night in a cozy hole near the hedge.

    I already miss my burrow at Bannockbury, but this journey is going to be incredible, I already know it.
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    Yay, grand yer added it here too, miss Neti! And I hope yer keep them stories coming, it is always fun to read what our members are up to.
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    This is a great story, Miss Neti, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for putting it on our board! *cheers*
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    Thank you both!
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    A Hobbit's Tale - Trestlebridge

    My journey to the north is taking so much of my time and energy, I almost missed all the events in the Shire this week, because I'm in an uncomfortable situation right now.

    Last week I reached Trestlebridge, a beautiful settlement of Men, or at least it was. It has been destroyed by flames placed by the orcs that live in some encampments at the other side of the river. The survivors are good-hearted people who offered me a nice place to rest and spend the night the evening when I arrived. My idea was to stay just one night and then continue my journey, but I ended up helping this people using my hobbit and warden skills sneaking around in the orcs' camps more than once.

    The most beautiful thing here is the Trestlespan, a huge bridge that connects Trestlebridge to the Greenway. I don't know when I'll be able to come back, I feel myself sorry for this people and what they've lost in that fire.
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    A Hobbit's Tale - Lost

    After helping as much as possible the people of Trestlebridge, it was time to go, to continue my journey to the north. "Turn east, never north" Aggy said me. And so I did, until I saw the pale light of a campfire and I felt the need to reach that cozy nook among the darkness.

    There I met three companions, two men and an Elf: Mincham, one of the Rangers, Colbert (the call him 'The Mad', but it sounds rude to me) and Idhremmin, he doesn't talk so much, but his elven eyes are essential. I couldn't refuse, I ventured myself in the fields of Fornost to find a lost lady and my beloved pony has been wounded by one of those evil beasts in the fields. Tea always followed me everywhere, happy to carry me wherever I wanted, but now she's wounded and her leg looks broken, or at least dislocate, and I can't help her to feel better.

    Fortunately we could reach Mincham's campfire, but nobody is a healer there. Mincham told me that these things need time to be fixed, days, if not weeks, and that I'm welcome to remain with them. I'm so sad, because it's all my fault, I shouldn't let Tea coming with me in those horrible fields. I feel myself lost, the landscape is creepy and there are weird sounds in the air, especially during the night. I miss my friends and the worse thing is that I don't know when I'll be able to come back.

    At least I'll have a cozy burrow waiting for me when I'll be able to return to the Shire.
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    A Hobbit's Tale - The Journey Continues

    Tea is getting well, we came back to Trestlebridge few days ago and I led her to the stable master. He’s a nice man and promised me to look after her during my absence. The people of Trestlebridge is absolutely great, they told me I could continue my journey with Jimmy, a cute pony that lost his owner during the fire.


    Jimmy is a beautiful creature, he’s stronger than my beloved Tea and can easily carry many packs, which is nice, because my rucksack is finally lighter and it lets me to properly defend myself from the foes. We traveled a lot during the last few days that I never felt myself so tired before. When I thought I was about to fall down sleepy, I spotted the light of a campfire and I decided to stop there for a while.


    The ranger who presides the campfire offered me some food and his a bed for the night. I couldn’t refuse, I was so tired that I immediately fell asleep. Now that Tea is in good hands, I can finally sleep.
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    The Cold North


    I didn’t want to go to Forochel, my last experience there left me with only bad memories of that place. Fortunately updated gears and my warden skills helped a lot (beware hunters, this region seems not being a good fit if you’re a hobbit) and I actually helped the Lossoth people.

    I started my quests in Kauppa-kohta and I managed to not die a single time, a miracle indeed. Then I moved to Pynti-peldot, not my favourite place, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Finally, I reached Zigilgund and I enjoyed my time helping the Dwarves.


    I liked so much this place that I was almost sad when I’ve been sent to Sûri-kylä.


    Fortunately the travel was safe and smooth and I arrived to the city in the ice, as they call it, safe and sound. The Lossoth are so different from the other Men, they live in strange houses built with ice and fabric and leather, somehow they look like big hobbit holes made up with different materials.

    Well, I still have so much to do there that I don’t know when I’ll be able to leave. In the meantime I’ll admire the beautiful landscapes around me. The best part, in my opinion, is the sky.

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    Beautiful drawings, Miss Neti! They make me think of Yule. And those shoes of yours look so warm and comfy! I could use something like that on a chilly morning.
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    Aww thanks Miss Pycella! Those shoes are perfect for the Forochel cold.

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