Poem Ode To Stories

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    (This was written for the Patron Poem Competition and performed during the Green Dragon Friday's 8th Anniversary, sung to this tune.)

    Tales are me dear, them I long to hear
    Told by the fireside.

    They make you feel, let your mind wander free
    Float in a world of dreams.

    Stories of old, of soldiers bold
    Ventures to foreign realms
    Are they all real, or fantasy?”
    I'd like to find that out!

    I want to write grand stories of might
    Share my wildest dreams.

    Tales make you laugh, some might make even sad
    They're just full of feel.

    When I am gone, stories live on
    They won't die away
    Magic won't fade, power won't fail
    In those immortal tales.

    One day I'll see that the tale starring me
    Is one that matters most.
    Follow your dreams, cross all boundaries
    Make your life a story's worth!
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