Poem Ode To The Grand Order

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A poem written in honour of the Grand Order's Eigth Anniversary. In a time when there are many bad things going on, it's emphasis is firmly of Friendship

    Ode to the Grand Order

    We welcome you to Songburrow
    We've glad that you are here
    To join us in our gathering
    Remembering eight years
    For at such times, it does us good
    To meet up with our friends
    Let hope this evening's full of hugs
    And hope should never end

    And so, it was eight years ago
    A group of friends met up
    At the Golden Perch in Stock
    Where ale is fondly supped
    And tales were told, adventures shared
    With friendships gladly made
    And so it was the Order formed
    With Mathoms as their trade

    The made their home in Songburrow
    And built a stately hall
    There outside laid a welcome mat
    And Mathoms lined the wall
    The table ever full with food
    For all the hungry guests
    The hall was like a sanctuary
    Where weary folk could rest

    And folk did come and folk did go
    Throughout the days that passed
    So many memories were made
    Of happiness that lasts
    But best of all, the friendships formed
    Should fill us all with cheer
    So hug your friends as tight you can
    There's hope for all our years
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  2. Rubellita Member

    It's beautiful, Master Simbo! I had to wipe a little tear away when reading it again, and this time in context with the recent happenings..
    I'm sure my Uncle Peppy would like to give this poem a well deserved place in the Gazette. Would you please allow that and send it to him?

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