Ode to the Green Dragon

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    A short poem to celebrate everything that is great about the Green Dragon Inn!

    Ode to the Green Dragon

    Now every Friday, every week
    Green Dragon Inn is what we seek
    In Bywater, it proudly stands
    And folk they come, across the land

    And what is it that draws us in
    To Barmy's little humble Inn?
    Why do we walk in through that door
    Across the creaking wooden floor?

    The ale perhaps? It taste's quite nice
    And sold at quite a reasonable price
    The food is quite enticing too
    Though sadly pies are much too few...

    It's not the rug that's on the floor
    Which barely is a rug no more
    And surely it's not all the chairs
    Though we'd complain if they weren't there

    Is it the fire that burns so bright
    At which we stare with child's delight?
    And my, it is a warming fire!
    It warms the bones, this wintery Shire

    Maybe its the tales all told
    That bring us in from out the cold
    Or is it all the lovely tunes
    Whose melodies can fill the room

    But wait, I really have to say
    It's not the music that is played
    And even with the story chair
    You can't tell tales with no-one there

    You need a singer for a song
    And then some folk to dance along
    What makes this Inn the place to be
    Is all the lovely company!

    I'm sure you all agree it's true
    What makes this place is you! And you!
    We hobbit folk should feel so proud
    Just remember, no bagpipes allowed!

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