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    Well, I got to thinking about my early days, and the apprenticeships of sorts I was er encouraged to follow, 'to mend my wayward nature'... anyways, over in Hobbiton old Olo Proudfoot despite his somewhat suspicious, rural, crusty charm, did leave me with these invaluable ruminations... to er cogitate over... 'nods'.

    Onion skins very thin
    Mild winter coming in;
    Onion skins thick and tough
    Coming winter cold and rough.

    He didnt say much about muddy furrows and onion sets mind...

    Plant your beans when the moon is light,
    You will find that this is right;
    Plant potatoes when the moon is dark,
    And to this line you’ll always hark;
    But if you vary from this rule,
    You will find you are a fool;
    Follow this rule to the end.
    And you’ll have lots of dough to spend.

    mmm... I think it was an excuse to start the day early, and end it realy late...

    When oak is out before the ash,
    ‘Twill be a summer of wet and splash.
    But if the ash before the oak,
    ‘Twill be a summer of fire and smoke.

    not sure about that one...

    “When sheep gather in a huddle,
    tomorrow we will have a puddle.

    Expect the weather to be fair
    When crows fly is pairs

    When ladybugs swarm,
    Expect a day that’s warm.

    When pigs carry sticks,
    The clouds will play tricks;
    When they lie in the mud,
    No fears of a flood.

    mmm... animals dont generaly like getting wet true... though I never did train the pigs to fetch sticks, sit, or roll over...

    If the moon lies on her back, She sucks the wet into her lap.

    Tipped moon wet: cupped moon dry.

    mmm... generaly of an evening I rarely looked any further than my mug, plate and bed

    And finaly:

    When the sky is red in the morning,
    And sounds travel far at night;
    When fish jump high from the water
    And flies stick tight, and bite;
    When you can't get salt from your shaker,
    And your back gives you extra pain,
    There's no need to consult an almanac,
    You just know it's going to rain.

    'nods' I well remember all the rain, the mud, and the puddles.

    And to conclude his famous 'Ode to the Weatherman' which I think was Olo showing a rare flash of humour ...

    And in the dying embers
    These are my main regrets:
    When I’m right no one remembers;
    When I’m wrong no one forgets.

  2. Lina Chief

    *giggles* Very nice!

    I wonder if you're able to use lore to see which weather we will have on Friday, the concert being outdoors and all?
  3. Bootsy Member

    On the farm we have the saying:

    "If you can see the Hill at Over, it's going to rain
    If you can't see the Hill, it's raining"

    Still, nowt so good for growing taters as a bit of rain now and then *giggles*
  4. Anonymous Guest

    *cheers loudly at Osterby*

    Wonderful...I shall hope to read more from you soon
  5. Lully Member

    Oh, thems is fine words and some sage Hobbit lore, master Osterby, no doubts about thats!

    Up our way, (yay for Brockenborings!), those that knows say that when the sheeps is grazing, 'tisn't raining... and when you can't see the sheeps it's foggy or sleets!

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