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    Despite the recent long winter and the unusually cold weather in the Shire, many hobbits gathered in what was to be a party of great significance.

    The Songburrow Strollers delighted the assembled crowd in the main Hall, with a rousing handful of songs, one or two specially re-arranged by Miss Lina Willowwood for the occasion. Once warmed by much dancing, and several dozen bottles of a fine blackberry wine, the party-goers braved the outdoors for a special surprise.

    Jiro had taken it upon himself to organise a pony race around the outskirts of Songburrow. The first such race to take place. After a false start due to an over-eager bystander and some clarifications of the rules they were off! Around the village they raced, through the narrow ford and back, and as they neared the finish, Lothilia leading by a nose managed to stay in front and claim the title for herself, to great applause.

    After such strenuous activity the hobbits returned to Songburrow Hall for the second half of the Strollers performance. There followed some skillful dancing and some marvelous footwork from party guests Cavalo and Brassica, but everyone agreed Darmina put on the best show and was justly rewarded for her efforts.

    The fires were lit outside and everyone took what supper was left and listened to some tales and stories, most notable of which was Patula's detailed account that had the crowd enthralled and at times too scared to move beyond the safety of the firelight.

    As the evening came to a close there was a final surprise - the last of the Yule fireworks were brought out and set off into the night sky over Songburrow, making a fitting end to the Late Winter Party.
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    It was a lovely night!

    Here are a few of my images from the party ((not least to field-test the image upload part of our new forums))

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