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    An in-character introduction:

    Pennyroyal Greenworthy

    Date of Birth: 28th of Afterlithe, 1398

    Home: Hobbiton. Downstream from the bridge on the south side. It's the little yellow door. If you're reached the Bywater Pool, you've missed it!

    Parents: Archibald and Marjoram Greenworthy

    Background: Hello, I’m Penny. Well, Pennyroyal really but only Ma and Pa call me that. My Ma wanted me to have a fancy name seeing as our family, the Greenworthys, are distantly related to the well-to-do Sackvilles. We have a nice little house on the edge of Hobbiton with some fine fields. I have lots of chores to attend to and plenty of baking for market. Occasionally something odd will be ploughed up and I’ll take it up to the Mathom House in Michel Delving for the folks there to have a look at. Those lovely (but a bit mysterious) folks of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom have invited me to tea. Oh my! Pa is jolly excited and has given me an old ring he dug up in the upper field. He said I ought to show my qualities by researching it.

    The Old Iron Ring

    Penny moved the sandwiches aside and carefully placed an old battered iron ring on the luncheon table. The other hobbits gathered around for a closer look. It was partially encrusted with dirt but was clearly ancient.

    “Now then,” She began, trying not to sound too nervous, “I’ve prepared a few notes on my research.”

    Penny pulled a sheaf of notepaper from her bag. A few pages fluttered under the table to be helpfully retrieved by her hosts.

    She hurriedly sorted the pages into the correct order and began: “This ring was found Wednesday last by Mr. Archibald Greenworthy whilest breaking up the earth in the upper-field. That field is a right pain I can tell you! The number of times I’ve been up there pulling out roots and whatnot...”

    Penny suddenly realised she was going off the point somewhat, and resumed reading from her notes.

    “Now, the Greenworthies have been tilling that corner of Hobbiton-Bywater for generations. This particular field has been recently extended and it was there that the ring was found. Pa says, err, I mean Mr. Greenworthy informed me that that patch of ground has been fallow for many years. It was last used by his uncle to raise porkers.”

    Penny paused briefly and looked up from her notes. She was relieved her hosts were still listening. They seemed genuinely interested and not just being polite. It was with a little more confidence that she continued:

    “My research next took me to Budgeford. I interviewed a number of Bolgers and let me tell you they had plenty to say on the history of pork and pig husbandry.” Penny inadvertently started rolling her eyes at the memory of the long conversations and then quickly stopped herself. She glanced up and looked at the faces before her, hoping she had not offended a Bolger or two.

    “Err, yes, it was all most informative. Importantly I was told my great-uncle, I mean Mr. Greenworthy’s uncle, kept a very famous boar. This porker’s progeny still form a number of Budgeford herds.”

    Penny tidied up her papers and looked up for her big conclusion.

    “Therefore, good gentlefolk of the Grand Order, let me present to you...”

    “The Nose Ring of Tom Trotter”


    That evening Penny finished cleaning the ring. She noticed some faint marks appearing.

    “Oh, it seems my research is not quite complete”, She thought, “Someone has scratched their name on the ring.”

    She could make out the letters: ‘R H U D A’. The rest was eroded beyond recognition.

    “Rhuda?” Thought Penny, “She must have forged the ring. Funny name though. She must be from Buckland.”
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    Yer been with us fer a while already, miss Penny, but now we even have the paperwork ter prove it! A warm welcome!
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    A very warm welcome indeed Miss Penny - you have already proved yourself quite capable out of the Bounds.

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