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    There have been plenty of rumours about buried treasure in the Shire and we decided it was time for the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom to investigate. Are long lost treasures buried in the Shire or are they just fanciful tales dreamt up by the fireside?

    Last Sunday a group of Hobbits gathered in the garden of the Golden perch Inn. To all the other patrons in the Inn it looked like any other group of Hobbits heading off on a picnic, but had they looked closer then maybe they would have noticed some members carrying picks and shovels and had they thought about it a little more they would have realised that picnics after sunset are maybe more than a little odd.

    The Grand Order depart from The Golden Perch

    The Stocktower occurs in a great many old tales of long lost treasure so we decided that this would be our starting point. Soon our group of treasure hunters had found a spot under a tree and unpacked some food and drink. As soon as we were sure that no one was around we set to work looking for clues.

    The Stocktower and stone obelisk

    Previously I had discovered a strange obelisk of stone beside the road and it was this that drew our attention first. At first glance it appeared to be no more than an old gatepost, but on closer inspection it did appear to have some faded marks on the stone that could have been ancient Elvish runes and it was certainly made of the same stone as the Stocktower. Ferohide displayed some quick thinking and took a rubbing of these runes so that we may study them later. It was also noted that the stone was perfectly aligned with an old ruin on the other side of the river in Buckland.

    With our studies complete we turned our attention to Stocktower itself. We made several circuits around the base of this well known landmark but were unable to find any means of getting into the tower without the aid of either a strong rope or a ladder, neither of which we had at the time. We did however uncover several seven sided stars carved into the stonework. Luckily Rowana was on hand and as ever she had brought one of her books of ancient Lore. She was able to date the carvings and the tower to the ancient kingdom of Arthedain, the last realm of the northern kings which existed many years before the Shire was founded.

    It was at this point when we were discovered by a young Hobbit out picking mushrooms and trapping rabbits. As we had no wish for the true nature of our outing to be discovered and with the sun beginning to rise over the Old Forest we decided to call it a night and return to The Golden Perch for a full Hobbit breakfast.

    So while we may have come away empty handed we were able to discover that there was once a great many buildings within The Shire long before the first Hobbits crossed the river. I am sure that there will be more ruins to investigate and we will may be able to uncover more of The Shires past and in doing so we may unearth something a great deal more important than gold or jewels.

    If you were present or not on the night please feel free to add you own thoughts, ideas, comments and pictures below. Do you have any old stories that may shed light on the treasures possible location or The Shires history? Do you know anyone that can read and translate Elvish runes?
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    Ancient Ruins and Mushrooms

    Rowana wonders whether her last minute choice of hat was a wise one.

    Just as dark falls the hobbits gather outside the Golden Perch at Stock, doing their best not to attract any unwanted attention from the rather drunk locals.

    The ancient ruin know locally as the Stock Tower

    A local landmark as far back as hobbits can remember few know much about why or even when it was built. As the hobbits approach a strange sense of silence descends about them, only broken suddenly by a large owl roosting high up in the tower.

    Under the moss and cobwebs writing and carving can be seen

    Undisturbed for many many years the carvings are faint but a pattern of stars can be made out, each with seven points. It proves too perilous to climb any higher and without any rope to hand the plan is abandoned, for the time.

    As morning approaches the hobbits thoughts turn to breakfast

    Nor wanting to be caught wandering about and in such a prominent place the hobbits decide that a hearty breakfast is the order of the day to discuss their findings. To the Perch!

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