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  1. Lina Chief

    An IC Introduction:

    Height: 3'9''
    Hair: Dark
    Build: Medium/Muscular with slight bulge in the belly area
    Countenance: Jovial

    Poedo is a most unusual hobbit. While he loves the Shire like most of his hobbit kinsmen, he also seems to be pulled into the occasional adventure from time to time. These stories of adventure do come out after nights spent with too much ale. Poedo is a farmer that has been trained a bit for battle with blades. That story would fall under the "too much ale" telling.

    He is kind, hard working and enjoys eating large quantities of pies with a particular affinity for sweets. He tends to be a bit shy and reserved in the beginning of most conversations, but after a drink or too, he can become quite chatty. He spends his leisure time fishing and reading.
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Order, master Poedo!

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