Poem - An Adventure

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    A poem about having an adventure! Or rather, not having one...

    The Adventure

    It's time for an adventure now
    So when I rise from bed
    I hope to make this normal day
    Adventurous instead

    Rather than going left today
    Perhaps I'll take a right?
    And follow where the road may lead
    I'll wander 'til it's night

    If any fences, gates or walls
    Should rise in front of me
    I'll hurdle them with such a bound
    And see what I can see!

    What special places could I find
    If I should walk for miles?
    If any stangers I should meet
    I'll greet them with a smile!

    Through luscious forests I could roam
    Or golden hills so tall
    I'll stroll beside some mighty streams
    And bathe by waterfalls

    I think of distant mountains tops
    That touch the crimson sky
    Imagine deep and eerie caves
    Where sleeping dragons lie...

    ...But dragons will mean danger though
    And troubles lay ahead
    Not everything is nice and kind
    There may be things I dread!

    There may be hungry wolves and bears
    That want to feast on me
    And lurking spiders with their webs
    Could string me up for tea

    Perhaps there will be goblin folk
    That cut and stab and thrust?
    They've burnt the grass that once was green
    And turned the land to dust....

    Well...I've thought about adventuring
    Whilst lying in my bed
    I think I'll stay here snoozing now
    And dream of them instead
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