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    A poem celebrating Andy Brockhouse's Birthday!

    Andy Brockhouse

    Every hobbit needs a burrow
    A place to call their own
    Don't you plough a lonesome furrow
    Just get yourself a home!
    Don't you hurry, don't you worry
    I know the place to go
    There is Andy, he's very handy
    He'll help you buy your home

    Always very pleased to meet you
    He stands there every day
    When you pass him he will greet you
    And help you on you way
    He's there whatever, is the weather
    And never feeling blue
    For glad is Andy, he's smiling grandly
    He'll share a riddle too!

    Now, Hobbits often do spring cleaning
    To make their burrows smart
    How to keep it bright and gleaming?
    I know the place to start!
    Place things neatly, treat them sweetly
    But if you need advice
    Talk to Andy, so fine and dandy
    He's help you make it nice!

    Every Friday, at the Dragon
    We Hobbits drink their ale
    Barmy fills our beer flagons
    And hears a drunken wail!
    But Friends are waiting, anticipating
    You will bring them beer
    So, Ales for Andy, his legs go bandy
    And he'll be full of cheer!

    Every Hobbit in the Shire
    Needs a place to go
    Feel the warmth of cosy fires
    Whenever cold winds blow
    Night is falling, homes are calling
    But don't forget to say
    Three cheers for Andy, Andy, Andy!
    Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!
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  2. Akelay Member

    Thanks for writing everything down for us, Simbo! Yesterday it was so loud, I only got to hear about half of the poem. And Miss Tibba, do write your poem down for us, too, please!

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