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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A poem dedicated to all things Green!


    Now all around is life in green
    From hills that lie a-dazing
    To fields that paint a tranquil scene
    I can but stand there gazing

    I see the oak, the beech, the elm
    The willow that's a-weeping
    Beneath there is a verdant realm
    The mossy floor lies sleeping

    And meadows full of emerald grass
    In winds it is a-swaying
    And hedgerows line the country paths
    In which there's children playing

    I see the ivy bushes gleam
    Up walls they are a-growing
    And grassy reeds beside the stream
    Where turquoise water's flowing

    And gardens full of budding green
    The fragrance is a-drifting
    The jade-specked flowers cast their sheen
    Their peacock blooms uplifing

    I see greenfinches in the sky
    Their songs they are a-singing
    With olive wings they spread to fly
    Such joy they are all bringing

    And then I see Green Dragon Inn
    Where folk they are a-going
    All making such a merry din
    Beside the fire glowing

    I see there folk both short and tall
    Yet green they're all a-wearing
    And many pictures on the wall
    The colours they're all sharing

    And green the rug that's on the floor
    Although the floor's a-sagging
    But green it stays for evermore
    Our home in the Green Dragon!
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  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    And green is too the poet's robe
    This night he was a-winning
    Enchanted verse is what he wrote
    Our cheers kept the inn ringing!
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