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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    There was talk of a summer picnic, so it seemed only right and proper to write a poem about one. Food is one of my favourite subjects after all!

    The Picnic

    Pickles, Peppers
    Pots of Jam
    Butter, Cheeses
    Bread and Ham
    Bacon, Mushrooms
    Boiled Eggs
    Sweetcorn, Carrots
    Fresh picked Veg!

    Sausage Rolls and
    Pasties too
    Baked Potatoes
    Bowls of Stew
    Pies and Flans and
    Lots more Pies
    Did I mention
    Bring some Pies?

    Cookies, Biscuits
    Catfish Cake
    Strawberry Tart
    Freshly baked
    Chocolate Sponges
    Scones and Cream
    Sugared Almonds
    Taste supreme

    Apples, Berries
    Peaches, Pears
    Plums so juicy
    Lots to spare
    Jugs of Ale
    Pots of Tea
    Lemonade is
    Flowing free

    Get a basket
    Fill it up
    Grab a blanket
    Plates and cups
    Now to find a
    Picnic spot
    Sit right down and
    Scoff the lot!
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  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    *Listens to her grumbling stomach and goes to eat some pie. And Catfish cake. And baked potatoes. And juicy plums. And...*
  3. Akelay Member

    *searching her burrow for a big enough basket*

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