Poem - Pleased To Meet You!

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    It's nice to be nice and say something nice to the folk you meet! And the way to start things off, is to say "Pleased to meet you!"

    Pleased to Meet You

    Hullo, hullo and how do you do?
    Some little words I'll give to you
    To say to those you stop and greet
    The folk each day you chance to meet
    These words are all you need each day
    And they should see you through
    Just give a smile and gladly say
    I'm pleased to meet you!

    This land would be a lonely place
    With naught but frowns upon our face
    So best to make a welcome smile
    And keep it with you all the while
    It's always nice to be so nice
    And here is what you do
    These simple words to break the ice
    I'm pleased to meet you!

    It would be sad if passers-by
    Gave scarce a glance from out their eyes
    For all it takes, a bit of patience
    To make yourselves a new acquaintance
    Now take some time to get to know
    It doesn't matter who
    Just say these words with your "Hullos!"
    I'm pleased to meet you!

    For now goodbye, but don't forget
    To think about the folks you've met
    And also ones you've yet to meet
    So don't forget to stop and greet
    All banish silence with your words
    And make your words so true
    For everywhere it should be heard
    I'm pleased to meet you!
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  2. Lina Chief

    Yay! A lovely poem again!

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