Poem - Spring Cleaning

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  1. Lina Chief

    For the 2012 spring poetry competition

    Spring cleaning

    The sunny days of spring arrive
    The Shire wakes from winter's rest
    The flowers bloom and hobbits thrive
    When heavy clothes are stuffed in chests

    But there are some who dread this time
    The children fear their parents' wrath
    To wash away all winter grime
    They have ter take their springtime bath

    A tub is rolled into the yard
    And scary things are laid beside
    A bar of soap, a scrub so hard
    It scrapes the dirt clean off yer hide

    The worried eyes of hobbits small
    The preparations give them chills
    And when they hear their parents call
    They scream and run into the hills

    And so the race is on again
    All hobbit children run away
    Their parents sigh with clear disdain
    Then chase their little filthy prey

    The children hide in bush and tree
    Behind their neighbour's brandy cask
    But even though they weep and plea
    They soon are caught and brought to task

    But still there is a missing child
    Determined not to soak in foam
    Much better here out in the wild
    There is no way she's going home!

    But hobbit parents have their ways
    To find one smelling like a hog
    And so another joins the race
    When they release the tracking dog!

    So through the field and into wood
    The child and dog run all the way
    And though outcome can't be good
    No better fun for both today

    But tired now the lassie feels
    When running by the blooming flowers
    The dog is nipping at her heels
    And she has had no food fer hours!

    When running past a nearby farm
    She trips and stumbles down the hill
    Five piglets squealing with alarm
    As she dives headfirst in their swill

    A dripping reeking lassie small
    No mercy now, the tub awaits
    The only thing that stops her bawl
    The dog will also share her fate!

    Both dog and child into the tub
    They're dunked and soaped wich much intent
    They whine when subject to the scrub
    But they are cleaned without relent

    But after all the bathing care
    A blanket warm, a brand-new dress
    A ribbon tied into her hair
    A happy mother's warm caress

    A party starts beneath a tree
    There's pudding, biscuits, pie and scones
    The children eat enough for three
    And for the dog, some marrow bones

    The evening is warm and bright
    The spring has surely come to all
    The only worry here tonight
    Another bath waits in the fall
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  2. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A fine poem indeed! Almost verging on the epic *Chuckles*

    Did it win the competition?

    *Cheers for poets*
  3. Lina Chief

    It did! *cheers*

    Tibba and Tallic had some lovely poems too, so here's hoping we'll see them up here somewhere too!
  4. Akelay Member

    Grats! A great poem that won deservedly!
    That is bringing back childhood memories... Imagine how I looked after fleeing into the Bog. *chuckles*

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