Poem - Take A Tater

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    You can have taters for nearly every meal, so it is only right and proper there is a poem about them!

    Take a Tater

    Take a Tater
    Slice and dice it
    Put it in a stew
    Serve it up with
    Peas and carrots
    Soft and sweet to chew

    Take a Tater
    Wash and chop it
    Boil it in a pot
    Serve it up with
    Pie and gravy
    Best to serve it hot

    Take a Tater
    Clean and stab it
    Bake it on a fire
    Serve it up on
    Plates of mushrooms
    Fresh picked in The Shire

    Take a Tater
    Peel and mash it
    Sprinkle herbs on top
    Serve it up with
    Lumps of butter
    And a pair of chops

    Take a Tater
    Scrub and cut it
    Roast it in some fat
    Serve it up at
    Sunday Dinner
    Can you better that?

    Take a Tater
    Touch and taste it
    Celebrate it too!
    Serve it up for
    Every dinner
    Taters all week through!
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