Poem - The Journey

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    What can be better about a journey with friends where everyone is happy? Well, here is a poem about it!

    The Journey

    It was the finest summer day
    Along the path I made my way
    And with the rising of the sun
    My journey it had now begun

    I walked by fields and rows of trees
    I felt the cooling summer breeze
    I crossed a stream on stepping stones
    But at that time I stepped alone

    I met some friends along the lane
    Who greeted with a fine refrain
    I said "I'm off to somewhere grand"
    And so we formed a happy band

    We passed by where a farmer toiled
    A-digging, weeding in the soil
    But when he saw his work was done
    He joined our troupe to have some fun!

    Some lasses we saw on the grass
    Were picking flowers as we passed
    Although we were just passing through
    They decided they would join us too

    We saw a bounder by a tree
    "And what's your game?", he asked of me
    "We're on a journey, don't you fuss!"
    "Why don't you come along with us?"

    A lad we met upon the path
    A smiling face, and full of laughs
    I said "Why don't you come along?"
    "And join with us in happy songs!"

    The lad he the got out a lute
    And someone else, they had a flute
    Our melodies soon filled the air
    We sang along with a care

    And many stories were then told
    Heroic tales of food and gold!
    And riddles too, the answer's pie!
    Our laughter filled the evening sky

    The farmer looked out to the sun
    And saw the day was nearly done
    He asked "So are we getting near?"
    I told him "We're already here!"

    Although we've travelled far today
    We've had much fun along the way
    Each day's a journey, can't you see
    That's best to make with company

    It doesn't matter where you go
    As long as you're with folks you know
    Just look around at all your friends
    We've long since reached our journey's end
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  2. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    A wonderful poem, Master Simbo. I especially love the last two verses. *smiles happily*
  3. Akelay Member

    It is lovely! And where is your poem, Tibba? I missed the competition and would like to read it.

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