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    A poem in honour of the great Ronald Dwale and his story-telling. All you need is your imagination!

    The Minstrel

    A minstrel sat by an apple tree
    And played out softly melodies
    Whilst busy hobbits passed him by
    With scarce a glance from out their eyes
    Too quick to note his smart green suit
    Or hear the tunes flow from his lute
    Or listen to his telling words
    The only audience, the birds

    But soon a child did come his way
    And sat to listen to him play
    The minstrel played a merry tune
    Alas it ended all too soon
    "Do play one more" the child then asked
    "A story too, to make me gasp!"
    The minstrel smiled, and said "Heed well"
    "And listen to this tale I tell"

    The minstrel sang of wondrous scenes
    With golden trees and fields of green
    And rolling hills all topped with crowns
    Of rainbow colours floating down
    "But up above", the Minstrel said
    "There lurked a thing the folk did dread"
    "For in the sky a dragon stared"
    "And spread its flames on all folk there"

    "Each day the dragon did appear"
    "To cast afar its burning fear"
    "It scorched its way across the sky"
    "Reflecting fear in hobbit's eyes"
    "It watched them run throughout the day"
    "And never seemed to go away"
    "And ever there to scold and burn"
    "Whichever way the hobbits turned"

    "But one young lad did stand up firm
    "And battled with the fiery worm"
    "He held on to a wooden shield"
    "And wooden sword to bravely wield"
    "So valiant in his attack"
    "He charged and drove the dragon back"
    "All day he boldly made his fight"
    "And chased the dragon into night"

    With that the minstrel stopped his tune
    And silence filled the evening's gloom
    He took a bag from off his back
    And put his lute into this pack
    The young lad cried, with longing face
    "Do, tell me of this wondrous place!"
    "Before you go please tell to me"
    "Exciting lands I long to see!"

    The minstrel stood and looked around
    "The place you have already found"
    And then he spoke with weary sigh
    "To find these things just use your eyes"
    "For all around I see the hills
    "They're topped with roses, daffodils"
    "And all those trees with blossoms too"
    "Inspire me to those rainbow hues"

    "I see the children run about"
    "With fearless hearts, I have no doubt"
    "And does not the sun up in the sky"
    "Remind you of a dragon's eye?"
    And as the sun did start to sink
    The Minstrel gave the lad a wink
    And slowly he did walk away
    Whilst the Dragon slept again that day
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  2. Lina Chief

    Yay! Grand poem again! A good reception at the Ivy Bush today too!
  3. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    *cheers* Another lovely poem! And was that really five minutes long? Time flew by so fast while listening...

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