Poem - The Pony

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    Hurrah for ponies, and galloping in the Greenfields!

    The Pony

    Leaping and bounding
    Hooves are a-pounding
    Running around and
    Galloping far
    Teeth that are chattering
    Hooves are a-clattering
    Pitter and pattering
    Follow that star

    Mane that is flowing
    In wind it is blowing
    Eyes that are glowing
    Swishing it's tail
    On hills that are rolling
    Trotting and strolling
    Gentling cajoling
    Homeward the trail

    Evening is looming
    Time for a grooming
    Hair is now blooming
    So food is in store
    Leaves it is munching
    Carrots are crunching
    Crushing and scrunching
    Firm are its jaws

    Faithful and loyal
    Ready to toil
    Working the soil
    Long summer days
    Days getting shorter
    Home in its quarters
    Often you ought to
    Clean out its hay!

    Hail to the pony
    The one and the only
    You'll never be lonely
    The pony, your friend
    Staying together
    Whatever the weather
    Friendship forever
    Right til the end

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