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    My, I really should have read the announcement of Miss Jadite's competition more closely. For some reason I thought it was a riddle competition, so I spent all night thinking up a good riddle for the given topic. And I did finally find one that I thought would be really good, though it being late at night when I came up with it, I could not remember it at the contest. Luckily, I had written it down. But you can imagine that it came as a bit of a surprise to hear that there was to be held a poetry competition, not a riddle competition. Still, Miss Jadite was so nice to allow me to ask my riddle. In my embarrassment, I did a bit of explaining of how I thought up the riddle before reading it out:

    There I was sat at the inn
    Wondering how to begin.
    A riddle to find
    To puzzle the mind?
    Looks like this task I won't win.

    First now to order some ale
    Lest all that drink should go stale.
    I sip from my mug,
    Start feeling right snug.
    What could a riddle entail?

    Topics were given before:
    Happiness, friendship, ... one more.
    I scratch at my head,
    And pick a loose thread,
    Feeling right glad it ain't four.

    Well then I feel I should start
    Friends are so close to my heart.
    My mug I raise high,
    'To friends!' I then cry
    Drinking to friends that did part.

    Thoughts now do turn to folk here
    Bringing along much good cheer.
    So who do I choose?
    I drink some more booze,
    Hoping for thoughts from the beer.

    Looking at Hereward's blue vest
    Cov'ring the good barkeep's chest
    Of flowers I think,
    Would winning they bring?
    Simbo could sure take that jest?

    Catfish could be a good aim
    Cakes of them sure have some fame
    But no, no success
    Too easy to guess!
    Hereward with ale I acclaim.

    Harder this is than I thought
    So many friends that I ought
    Best put them in rhyme,
    But no, there's no time,
    Riddling is what is now sought.

    Staring just idly at air
    Mutt'ring it really ain't fair
    That Jerry's good cap
    Did go to some lad,
    Leaving me tear out my hair.

    Raising my mug for some more
    Spilling some ale on the floor
    I toy with the mug,
    think idly of rug
    Wonder if that's how to score.

    Thinking of Lina's old dress:
    Is that the way to impress?
    Make Jiro the goal?
    Might be a high toll!
    Chased by Mad Lina would stress.

    Desperate now for some plan
    Starting to think of my gran
    On paper I jot:
    'Make Matzo the plot? -
    'Awkward if audience ran!'

    Taking another large sip
    Bringing the mug to my lip,
    I grasp for some words,
    hear outside the birds
    Sounds like the night I let slip.

    Feeling the need for a nap
    Rising I ask for the tab.
    I squint at the toll
    I sure drank it all!
    Hereward rolls in a new keg...

    Happiness permeates my mind.
    Is it the ale? Well I find
    The thought of all friends
    It is that now sends
    Feelings of warmth and that kind.

    Riding the road back to home
    Letting my thoughts idly roam
    I think of the fun
    Of banter well done,
    Scenes of the Dragon well known.

    Finally there's an idea!
    Never before was it here!
    Of that I am sure,
    As down I secure,
    Words brought to me by the beer.

    Here is the riddle I made
    Never I bet will it fade.
    To Shire's old lore
    Of riddles of yore
    Doubtlessly this will be laid!


    Well, that's was that about the night. And then I took the piece of paper with the riddle out of my pocket to read it out. Although I must say, seeing what my grand riddle was came as quite a shock. *notes to herself to hold back a bit on the ale the next time*
    Because the riddle was:

    What goes 'quack'?

    *coughs and blushes*
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  2. Akelay Member

    Yay for that poem!!! Just the mentioning of catfish alone could have made you win, if I was on the jury!
    And as for the riddle... Is it a goatfish?
  3. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    *chuckles at Akelay* A goatfish? Close, but no...
  4. Lina Chief

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