Poem - The Stars

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    We see them everynight, shining bright above us, so it is only right and proper there is a poem about them

    The Stars

    No roof for me
    I make my bed
    With starry skies
    Above my head
    And all these stars
    That fill the sky
    Watch over me
    With sparkling eyes

    And as I walk
    So late at night
    I'm guided by
    The silver light
    And most of all
    The Star of North
    Is always there
    To chart my course

    I search above
    And shapes are found
    The farmer's plough
    The hero's crown
    A rearing horse
    A mighty bear
    And standing tall
    The Swordman's there

    I may be poor
    I own few things
    But with the stars
    I feel a king
    Their many hues
    A tapestry
    That shares with all
    Their majesty

    So when I walk
    Out on my own
    With stars above
    I'm not alone
    Each point of light
    Each star I see
    I count them all
    As Friends to me
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