Poem - Who Made The Pie?

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    Pies are wonderful, lovely things, but they don't grow on trees, alas! Here's a poem pondering all the effort that goes into making them!

    Who made the Pie?

    Who ploughed up the field?
    Who planted the seed?
    Who scared off the crows?
    Who dug up the weeds?
    And when harvest came
    Who cut down the corn
    And ground it to flour
    From dusk until dawn?

    Who raised all the cattle
    From calf until cow?
    Who tended the pigs
    From piglet to sow?
    Who made them a shelter
    From rain and from heat?
    Who sold them at market
    Their milk and the meat?

    Who tended the garden
    Where grew all the veg
    The taters and carrots
    With herbs round the edge?
    Who kept it all watered
    And chased off the slugs?
    And when they all ripened
    Who dug them all up?

    Who cut up the logs
    From woods in The Shire?
    Who scooped up the coal
    To put on the fire?
    The veg and the meat
    Who sliced, diced and chopped
    To place in a tray
    With pastry on top?

    Who placed on the table
    This pie that I see?
    For so many hobbits
    Did help make my tea!
    So think of this pie
    It's more than a treat
    It's all of The Shire
    That makes it so sweet
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