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Discussion in 'Poems' started by Simbo, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A pork-em! Dedicated to the mighty pig!


    It's not the time for folk to talk
    It's dinner time, and time for pork!
    So juicy, tender, tasty meat
    All I want to do is eat

    So first I'll have some thick-cut chops
    I'll stack them up and scoff the lot
    I'll eat for first and second course
    It's all served up with apple sauce

    I'll follow this with tender loins
    Their juiciness worth all my coin
    And after that I'll surely take
    A well-cooked bit of gammon steak

    And on the table, at the back
    Are crispy rashers in a stack
    There's nothing more I'd like to chew
    I'll think I'll eat up quite a few

    So, all I need is lots of pork
    My mouth is full, no time for talk
    Now, be they small, or be they big
    What would we do without the pig?!
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  2. Pycella Member

    Ooh, what a tasty pork-em, Master Simbo! *blushes and wipes some drool from the poem carefully*
  3. Rubysue Member

    Finally, a poem I can really sink me teeth into! Well done, Simbo!
  4. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Hooray, a poem about pork! *sniffs happily*

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