Quickpost Gloves

Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Lavaeolus, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Lavaeolus Member

    Hello everyone!

    I was poking around in Moria and I found something that I thought might interest people. A perfectly preserved pair of Quickpost Gloves!

    They're very nicely crafted, and I feel my spirits raising and my resolve strengthening just by having them near me. They bring back marvelous memories of days in the Shire, delivering packages between the different towns, saying hello to all that I met and, of course, keeping out of the way of those pesky Nosey Hobbits.

    One of the dwarves I was doing favours for gave them to me as a reward, which leads me to wonder where he found them...

    Does anyone have any idea? I'm wondering if I can get enough ideas and thoughts to write a song. Please let me know!

    - Lavaeolus
  2. Rubellita Member

    This looks like it's a Mathom! A study will reveal it's significance. Best show them to the kinship members.
    And then if you would make a song about it, that would be grand, I think!
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  3. Lavaeolus Member

    I thought so!

    They paint a very sad picture for me. I'm thinking of a Quickpost Hobbit who had to deliver something. I don't know what, but it was important enough to drive this poor Hobbit far away from their home.

    Did they succeed? What were they delivering, and to whom? And why did they leave their Gloves behind?
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  4. Rubellita Member

    I see a mathom story in the making! *cheers*

    I'll pm you later (after my work), for I have a possible melody for this song.
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  5. Mollywobbles Member

    Aaahh - I found a pair of them as well and locked them away in my cupboard.

    It did occur to me to ask if they might actually be a Mathom ... but I plum fergot.... :(
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