Reavah's Roamen Tales A Tellen

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  1. Reavah Member

    Thoughts I, shalls I collect me paintens a logs a travellen in single a booklet, hm?
    Sees ye here whence me wanderen takes me, ev'r a searchen fer tales a ye werld a tales a ye old, whence Mathoms a maken.

    The Watery Way To The Sea!


    Come, shalls we go sailen
    Across yon seas is whence we'll go
    Come, miss ye nay ye home
    Life shall rise an fall, as eb 'n flow
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  2. Reavah Member

    The Empty Thrones!


    Whence be Queens a whence be Kings
    Ever be there a Fool who sings
    Fer has ye nay sung a history
    Shalls yer name f'rever be a mystery
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  3. Reavah Member

    The Tamed Oliphaunts!


    Far yonder north
    A snowy shores
    Whence yon water be ice a freezen
    Wit nay tooten trunk
    A head well low sunk
    Fer yon dwemers ter nice a pleasen

    But whence me fluten tunen starts a playen;
    Doth yon giants go merrily stompen a swayen!
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  4. Lina Chief

    Looks grand, miss Reavah! Keep them updates coming!
  5. Reavah Member

    Mighte thankes a ye, Mum Lina! Shall's I a sharen more!

    The Halls O' Ale!


    Dwemer drinken!
    Dwemer drinken!
    Pints a large a pints a strong!

    Dwemer drinken!
    Dwemer drinken!
    Till any noise now sounds a song!

    I's nay a mind a who I be
    I's nay an eye wit straight te see
    Nay a mem'ry a whence I weeeeeeeere.....

    Or why yon Inn League names me a dreadful cur
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  6. Reavah Member

    The Mountain Pass!


    Amongst yon peaks winds be seethen
    Be none oliphans a see-en
    Tis' a route well out a way

    Violent snow a hail a freezen
    Rather me that I'd be leaven
    Why'd comes I here terday?
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  7. Reavah Member

    The Shire!


    Be here music a singen
    A laughen a grinnen
    Tis' me home wit friends a joyous galore

    Be it dreary a yonder
    Nay reason te wander
    Shalls I leave me Shire ne'er once more
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  8. Reavah Member

    The Kinship Hall!


    O, week end's be time te come
    Carry ye here, me Blunderbum
    Yon Order be gatheren, gatheren as well Orders doth

    O, nay be ye early, lass
    Arriven when time's far a pass
    Yer a late come arriven, arriven fer yer dishen cloth
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  9. Lina Chief

    Very timely, the last one! I wonder who'll be gifted with the dishcloth tonight?

    Grand stuff, miss Reavah!
  10. Reavah Member

    The Depths Of Fond Memories!


    O dear me frend, dear me frend
    Ne'er a thought I's ne'er sees ye again
    O dear me frend, dear me frend
    Us a stayen tergether was well sured us plan

    Ever tegether was we one set a four hands
    Meets us a pleased us, across yon Shire lands

    O dear me frend, dear me frend
    said I a plenty ye were well me best
    O dear me friend, dear me friend
    Promised ye me shalls us kinship ne'er pass

    Now yer face be naught but vague mem'ry
    Shalls I treasure it ter always feels me merry
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  11. Reavah Member

    Cliffsides Everywhere!


    Skips me off yon Neti's garden, down a ye stream below
    Slides me off yon northern cliffs, rocks covered a snow

    There be nay danger, far a wide, that be breaken me thus far
    'Cept them a cliffs a mountainsides, that be granten me I scars

    "O, be careful now!", me Ser Simbo cried
    Shall it nay come te pass
    Kind words cannae I abide
    Fer be I a climben lass!
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