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  1. Lina Chief

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    I hope I'm in the right place. My name is Hanna Greenhand. I don't have an appointment or anything, I was wondering if you could maybe squeeze me in at some point? That would be very nice, thank you...

    Ah yes, well, I'm Rosehanna, Hanna to my friends. I live a solitary life, I do, cooking and baking in my little shop in Hobbiton... Well, at least, I did, until that nasty Holly Hornblower opened up her shop right next to mine. Since then... Well, since then the business has not been very kind to me. I can't understand why everyone flocks to her anyway. HER goods are not even that tasty. Did you know, she had even sent out a batch of pies with spoiled berries! The cheek. I would never... Well, anyway, it isn't my place to badmouth fellow cooks. I'm not one to spread rumours. She was probably trying her best, poor lass.

    Anyway, since the business went south, I have felt rather lost in myself. I have had to leave my house, my home, and find money elsewhere which has not been easy. I have tried to occupy myself with other endeavours, but with little success, because it isn't easy when you are out there on your own.

    I was taking a trip across to Michel Delving the other night when I got talking to a fellow about a secret order of Hobbits, and I thought, well, why not, eh? It would be a chance to prove my worth as a cook, and maybe I can learn some new skills, make new friends. You know, ones that don't learn everything you have to offer, then cheat you out of house and home. Oh, I know it sounds like I am bitter, but nothing could be less true. All I want in life now is a nice warm fire to warm my toes and some hearty songs to lift my spirits.

    Anyway, I don't want to disturb you, so I shall be on my way, if it pleases you. I suppose I was rather hoping that I could... Never mind. You look very busy and I do not wish to keep you. I have a small amount of coin left. Maybe I can find myself a room at an inn somewhere.
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome, miss Hanna! Grand to have yer with us!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Miss Hanna!

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