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    Is this poem about having too much ale? You can never have too much ale!

    Seeing Things

    In this Inn, it just won't do
    To see a hobbit wearing shoes
    He even has a beard too
    It just won't do, of course!

    He's sitting there upon a chair
    I'll go and walk right over there
    And give this lad a telling stare
    No wait, it is a dwarf!

    I turn around and go quite red
    A window, I'll look out instead!
    But there I see with utmost dread
    A dragon is outside

    I shake the Inn with such a call
    But when I near I see it all
    It's just a painting on the wall!
    And there's no need to hide

    I think its best if I sit down
    But there's some creature on the ground
    Just lurking there without a sound
    Much larger than a cat

    There's unkempt fur upon its back
    I think it's planning its attack
    But then I notice, legs it lacks!
    It's just a woolly mat!

    You know, I'm feeling rather queer
    The strange things that I'm seeing here
    Could it be due to ale, I fear
    I don't know what to think

    My mind has clearly gone to bits
    I must, somehow, regain my wits
    I know the thing that's just the trick
    I'll have another drink!
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  2. Freoda Member

    *cheers and takes another mug*

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