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    OOC: For some reason, we don't really have a dedicated place for posting screenshots on our notice board, at least not those not tied to larger event threads. That won't do, so here is a place yer can add those grand drawings yer make in the game and that don't belong in other threads: Spectacular views, fun glitches, hobbits having fun together, drawings from regular RP meetings, homestead wanderings, shrew stomping, etc. Of course, it would be grand if yer added just a short text to the drawings so we can see why and when they were made. Have fun and be creative, hobbits!
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  2. Lina Chief

    frosty shell cave.jpg
    During a recent trip up north to Frosty Shell, the Mathomers and friends found themselves in an icy cave. There were quite some sights there, but dang, was it ever cold...

    frosty shell campfire.jpg
    It was quickly ruled that a campfire could be grand to thaw up a bit. It seems others loved the idea too... From the left: Fleuralis, Nimelia, Lina, Bilbeto, Simbo, Skiye.

    frosty shell fight.jpg
    Of course, some silly big feller didn't approve of the campfire, so he saw fit to come stomp it out. The hobbits didn't quite agree, and things soon got out of hand...

    OOC: From a visit to Sâri-surma, during one of the Order's regular Saturday adventures.
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  3. Lina Chief

    stoutfoots aplenty.jpg

    A tale of two Stoutfoots? Tibba meets a possible distant Bree-lands relative by the hobnanigans fields.
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  4. Akelay Member

    Oh, nice idea! I have to very nice pictures of fishing expeditions we did. Well, we did some other stuff on the way, too, but of course fishing was the most important thing!


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  5. Lina Chief

    budgeford journey.jpg

    On a recent journey through Budgeford, I arrived just before dawn. It is quite a nice village down there by the river!

    budgeford pig tips.jpg

    Once there, one of the locals could hardly wait ter share his pork wisdom with me.

    (click on image if yer need to see a larger version)
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  6. Lina Chief

    Note: I made a screenshot from a sought-after area in the next update, currently in beta. I won't post the image here directly, though, in case folks would like to be surprised by how things look there. If that's no worry to you, then just click the direct link below.

    Short story: I was halfway through the Paths of the Dead before I remembered I had left me biscuits at home...
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  8. Akelay Member

    Pony Paradise - when Cousin Simbo is out of bounds, travelling



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  9. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    I clicked "Like" for that, when they really should be a "Grumble" button... *Grumbles*
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  10. Lina Chief

    angmar 01.jpg

    A lanky had run away with the pot we wanted fer our turtle soup! Naturally, this could not stand, this aggression against hearty meals, so we went north to recover the old thing, we did. Akelay, Fleuralis, Tibba, Potty, Pennyroyal, Lina, Nimelia and Anysia.
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  11. Lina Chief

    picnic 01 beaver.jpg

    Nine out of ten beavers love dancing to the Songburrow Strollers! (the tenth was gnawing on the table).

    From the Grand Summer Picnic and the Strollers Summer concert, where miss Yidia celebrates with her prize from Lobelia's Hill Pie Rolling Run. She won the "Sudden Arboreal Stop" prize after a close encounter with a tree!
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  12. Akelay Member

    Concerning Turtle Soup


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  13. Lina Chief

    huorn lawn.jpg
    So, should this be the next yule tree in Songburrow? Snowy Fangorn Huorn, a SMALL yard decoration *shivers*. Look at the size of that thing! The hobbit down there on the left is inserted for size comparisons...

    Luckily, a short time later, the beaver had gnawed it down...
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  14. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Did that Hobbit Peter Jackson design it, do you think....? *Winks*
  15. Lina Chief

    *shivers* Only ten years ago, I thought Peter Jackson could do no wrong...
  16. Lina Chief

    stone of erech.jpg

    Greetings from the Stone of Erech, where honey oats are fulfilled!
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  17. Lina Chief

    drinking hobbit.jpg

    I am inclined ter take him at his word...
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  18. Lina Chief

    lost temple 01.jpg
    From the left: Sesine, Tibba, Lina, Elrond, Pennyroyal, Claramay, Nimelia.

    Six lasses were lost in the temple that once was lost, but now was found, to investigate a new-found plague of sorts. After a ferocious few battles, master Elrond showed up. Yer think he was the source of the plague?

    Grand decorations in there, though, very tasteful use of yellow!
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  19. Lina Chief

    turtle hungry.jpg

    This might be how a biscuit feels when a hungry hobbit gets near their jar... *shivers*

    I ran into this feller down in them western Gondor areas. Scary turtles...
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  20. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Now this is something you don't see every day, or rather night...

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