Story Show And Tell Short Tales

Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Lina, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Korinna Member

    Who took t' stage?
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  2. Rubysue Member

    Too bad they didn't take the carpet too.
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  3. Pycella Member

    Some drawings from the Badgers' rehearsal in the Michel Delving park:

    Not sure what Miss Penny is suggesting here:



    Things the Badgers like:

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  4. Lina Chief

    Well. Yer know what them say about hobbits and ledges...
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  5. Rubellita Member

    Really? No hobbit was harmed? Well, at least you survived to tell the tale and that's what counts the most!
    Thank you for sharing this daring jump. Lady Vertigo would prevent me from going up there in the first place. *chuckles*
  6. Neti Member

    I'm spending my day in the cold Forochel, that's why I'm not around much. I'm living with some dwarves and I'm helping them to gather supplies and similar to fight the terrible weather there. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a shiny chest, just behind the Icereave Mines (on the right side facing the falls)!


    ((The chest is located at Länsi-mâ 9.2N, 82.2W and you can open it if you're at level 90 or higher. Unfortunately my level is too low and I couldn't see what's hidden inside! So I thought you might want to open it, if you haven't already discovered it.))
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  7. Lully Member

    For one moment when you landed, Lina, I thought you had made a perfect landing and survived, but then the defeated anim kicked in just after. Like Rubellita, I felt queasy just watching the heights and drops... might have to have some brandy before I venture there myself... quite a bit of brandy actually!
  8. Rubysue Member

    I certainly hope Lina's not going to get one of those ideas about what a wonderful video it would make to have a whole conga line of hobbits jump off'a that ledge like so many lemmings.... I jumped (repeatedly) off a waterfall for a video, bustin' me leg each time I might add. But I survived Moria without breaking me neck somehow and ain't gonna undo that in Minas Tirith if I can help it. :eek:
  9. Pycella Member

    Quite a jump! The other day, Miss Almi was fussing about some hasty young ones who jump off ledges... Now I know of whom she was talking about *giggles*

    As a little burglar, I feel quite tempted to try this jump myself and look for possible biscuit crumbs at the bottom too *looks mischievous*

    Hrrrr... That Forochel place looks cold, Miss Neti! Remember to keep yourself warm there!
  10. Korinna Member

    4.5, 4.5, a 5 from the East Farthing Judge...
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  11. Lina Chief

    relic 1.jpg

    The hobbits were amazed by the height of the new Relic Display Table

    relic 2.jpg

    It might provide some amusement during Hiders and Seekers, though.
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  12. Korinna Member

    Tain't exactly on display if it's stuck all t' way up there is it??
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  13. Lully Member

    I have an idea... and a spare saw!
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  14. Potty Member

    *stares at the bottom drawin' and ponders about Miss Lully's idea*

    Oh, do yer have a magic act in mind, Miss Lully?
  15. Lully Member

    *chuckles* I was thinkin of sawin the legs off... not Tibba's, the lanky display cabinet *more chuckles*
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  16. Lina Chief

    bingo hatrack lonelands.jpg

    My guests keep forgetting their hats on me hatrack. I should get a new one soon... (Bingo's Hatrack - Lonelands version)

    bingo messy table.jpg

    I'd be in big trouble if Ma saw this. Too many late nights working with songs and stories. I wonder if this is what Potty's table looks like after his scholar lessons? (Messy Writing Table)
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  17. Korinna Member

    I suspect Master Potty's table hus no writtin' on it at all as that would mean he's done his homework!

    His prob just hus a brandy bottle and glass wi a few dirty pie plates *grins*
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  18. Rubysue Member

    Sometimes You Just Can't Resist

    Even when you know it won't end well.
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  19. Lina Chief

    Years of nagging paid off! Them local carpenters finally made furniture the right size for hobbits!

    Them sure put a strong candle into it, though. It really lights up the room!

    OOC: Bilbo's Recommended reading, reward from the Bingo quest line.

    bilbo\'s recommended reading.jpg

    bilbo\'s recommended reading 02.jpg
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  20. Rubysue Member

    Cute! Thanks for the picture. I saw that but didn't get it as me burrow is chock full as is. But that's nice enough I may swap it for the lectern thing I got a while ago.

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