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    The Songbook plugin is an indispensable tool for LOTRO musicians who play in bands. Here is a modified version of the plugin, with lots of added functionality! Now updated to v0.94!

    What is Songbook?

    Songbook: The Badger Chapter is an update to the LOTRO plugin Songbook, originally made by Chiran. The original Songbook quickly became the “go to” tool for LOTRO musicians, since it made it much easier to play your ABC music files in LOTRO. It is particularly useful for playing together with others in a band. Chiran released his latest version, v0.92, in the summer of 2013.

    Back in 2014, The Brandy Badgers (one of the bands in the Grand Order) looked at new and novel ways to sort all the ABC music files we had prepared. Our folder structure was in danger of breaking down, and our song pack was getting somewhat bloated. This is when Nimelia, our resident master of tools, offered to take a look at what we could do with the Songbook plugin, fixing some bugs and adding new features in the process.

    In addition, Nimelia has prepared:
    • A new Songbook data filler, called Songbooker. This should be very fast, and it allows the Songbook plugin to read more information from your ABC files (the tags used for filtering)
    • A new Songbrowser tool, to add tags to your ABC files (for filtering and parts setup)
    Latest version

    Songbook: The Badger Chapter is currently at v0.94, released January 2015.
    You can download it here.

    The Songtools (Songbooker and Songbrowser) was last updated 18. august 2015.
    You can download them here. (10 MB download)

    A MAC version of the Songbooker tool is available here. (10 MB download)

    There is currently no new beta versions available.


    Unzip the Songbook plugin zip file your “Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins” folder.
    The Songtools files can be unzipped into and run from a folder anywhere on your computer.

    For more information on how to setup and use the plugins/tools, have a look in this Google document.


    • Filters: If tags are added to the ABC file, is now possible to filter them based on: Artist (who wrote the original song), Author (who created the ABC file), Genre (rock, pop, etc), Mood (dramatic, happy, etc) and Number of parts (only showing songs with enough parts for the number of musicians you have in the group)
    • Recommended song parts based on number of musicians: If tags added to the ABC file, you can now specify which parts of a song should be played when there is a specific numbers of musicians around.
    • Sync check: Checks to see which musicians have prepared to sync a song
    • Song + part check: Are musicians on the correct song and part?
    • Instrument check: Are musicians using the correct instrument?
    • Timer: This count up/down after the song starts playing
    • “Chief” mode: When the chief tick box is unchecked, this greys out the “playstart” button in Songbook so musicians don’t start the song by accident.
    • Right-aligning of track names: If you would like to read the rightmost part of a track name, but the window is too narrow, you can now right-click into the tracks list, and the track names will temporarily be shown right-aligned. Right-click again, and the list will return to normal.
    • Ready indicator column, displaying an extra one-character column in the players and parts lists, in addition to colouring (which was hard to read for folks with colour blindness).
    • French and German translations
    • Extremely fast data filler which reads information about your abc files and makes this available for the Songbook plugin. Songbooker also reads and recommended filter information, so you can use those functions in Songbook.
    • Allows you to tag your ABC files with filter and parts setup information.

    To load, type “/plugins load songbookbb” when logged into LOTRO, or use your favourite plugin manager.

    Please note that the Songbook window does not always show the first time you load the new plugin. To fix that, type “/songbookbb show” (or “/songbook show” if you use the patched version), and the window should pop up.


    Nimelia would love feedback on the plugin, both of what works and what does not. Please leave yer comments over on the Biscuity Burrow.
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    Nimelia has been busy over the yule, so there is now an update to Songbook: The Badger Chapter. Links to the new version 0.94 in the first post above!

    Changes in v0.94:
    • French and German translations
      Apart from localized texts in the user interface, this also means that indicators for readied parts and players should now work in the French and German client (as it needs to read the localized game client messages).
      Our thanks go to miss Floradine and master Palantorio for the German translation and master Zedrock for the French translation. Have a pie on us! Er, and an ale for Master Zedrock!
    • Ready indicator column
      There is now an option in the Badger settings to display an extra one-character column in the players and parts lists, in addition to the colouring (which was hard to read for folks with colour blindness). The following characters are used as indicators:
      '~' means that this player is on the correct part part (as far as Songbook can tell).
      'S' means this player has a part ready, but from a different song.
      'P' means this player has a part for the correct song ready, but it is not in the parts setup that you have currently selected.
    • Some bug fixes:
      + The icon in the BB version should not show up (thanks to Hooh for pointing this out!)
      + Songbook should now work with Chatterbug and other addons that need to read the chat. (Thanks to Tomeoric for reporting on this bug!)
      + Fixed an error message when dragging the Songlist-Partlist separator out of the window.
      + If the part list is switched off, the timer and instrument warning (usually between songlist and partlist) should now appear between directory list and songlist.
    • The version number
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    Grand work, Shirriff Nimelia! *respectful salute*
  4. Potty Member


    Grand work, Miss Nimelia!

    I'll quickly get this new version after an extensive one day test of the 0.93 version!

    *giggles and salutes*

    I'm happy ter report it all worked very well on songbook version 0.90 all along!

    I did notice fer some songs the timer did finish countin' a bit before the song ended! I expect this has somet ter do with the fact that Maestro does not always have the correct song duration!
  5. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    It does indeed - if it was the same difference in speed for all songs, I could correct for it, but I don't think it is?
  6. Lina Chief

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