Southfarthing Gate Concert!, Sunday 9 March

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Southfarthing Gate Concert!

Outside the Southfarthing Gate, The Shire
Confirmed Attendees: 8
Start Date: Sunday 9 March 19:00 PM
End Date: Sunday 9 March 21:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Too long have the gates to Southfarthing been shut, stopping the hobbits in the North of the Shire having free and easy access to those southern lands. Few hobbits now have to chance to enter into the South of the Shire. It is about time the mayor found the key and unlocked the gate!

    One, two, three, four
    Hobbits knocking at the door
    Five, six, seven, eight
    Open up Southfarthing Gate!


    To put pressure on the old Flourdumpling to hand over the keys, a concert is going to be held outside the Southfarthing Gates to draw attention to the situation. Many hobbit bands will be playing to highlight the cause, and generally have a good time either way! And there is sure to be plenty of food and ale in supply too.

    The current schedule, (subject to change!) is as follows:

    7:10 - The Evendim Hillbillies
    7:30 - Pudding Riot
    7:50 - The Brandy Badgers
    8:10 - Brandywine and Biscuits
    8:30 - The Pootlers
    8:50 - Hobbit Heart
    9:10 - The Songburrow Strollers

    ((All times shown are UK time))

    Open the Southfarthing Gate!

    OOC: Given its Shire-related nature, this is a hobbit-preferred event, with hobbit bands playing, although we certainly wouldn't turn away other folk who wanted to turn up to listen to the music and support the cause.

    Also note that the 9th March is when the hobbits across the big water switch to have daylight saving time, so there is only a 4 hours difference between server time and UK time. (So on the 9th March it will be 15:00 hours server time).
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  2. Lina Chief

    And here is the first teaser video for the concert. More just may appear nearer the event!

    Open the Southfarthing gate!
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  3. Potty Member

    *wiggles his toes all excited!*

    A grand lineup and a wonderful movin' picture!

    It's goin' ter be grand fun and I'm quite sure Major Whitfoot can't leave a call like this unanswered!


    Did yer sent him an personal invitation yet? A dinner in his honour at this fine event may well persuade him ter open the gate!
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  4. Rubellita Member

    *has a cunning plan* Yes!!! But tell him the dinner is waiting for him on the OTHER side of the gate!
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  5. Lina Chief

    Grand! If so, there will soon be a Flourdumpling-shaped hole in the gate. Given his belly size, there should be ample room fer the rest of us to follow!
  6. Vedoc Member

    Pipeweed And honey! *drools* I fer one am sure sick of havin' ter climb over that gate!
  7. Lina Chief

    Another video!
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  8. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    It's tonight!

    Come along and dance and sing!

    Open the gate!
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  9. Lina Chief

    yay, grand times today! Thank yer for all the work, Simbo! A lot of planning involved there, but it all went smoothly! *cheers*

    Here are some drawings from the night

    southfarthing 01 hillbillies.jpg
    The Evendim Hillbillies

    southfarthing 02 pudding riot.jpg
    Pudding Riot

    southfarthing 03 badgers.jpg
    The Brandy Badgers

    southfarthing 04 biscuits.jpg
    Brandywine and Biscuits

    southfarthing 05 pootlers.jpg
    The Pootlers

    southfarthing 06 heart.jpg
    Hobbit Heart

    southfarthing 07 strollerst.jpg
    The Songburrow Strollers
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  10. Patula Member

    So? Did he open the gate yet?
  11. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    *Shakes head*

    The Mayor hasn't opened it yet, the big meanie!

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