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  1. Lina Chief

    Hello everyone!

    As i have been invited to join your Order, i hereby send you a letter of introduction, so you have a bit of an idea who i am. My name is Asprig Sparkwood, more commonly known as Spriggy Sparkwood. Asprig is the name given to me at birth. My Pa always called me Spriggy, though, and many followed his example, up to the point that i was rarely called Asprig anymore.

    Born in the town of Needlehole, i grew up in a family of ten: My Pa, Mosling, my Ma, Astilba, my seven brothers and myself. I am the youngest. My Pa was a (rather famous) metalsmith and his smithy was a big part of my childhood. As soon as i could take my first steps, i often wandered into the smithy and sat in a corner, watching my Pa and his apprentices work and listening to the clanging of the hammers on the metal. My Ma wasn't very happy with me spending so much time in an environment that she thought rather dangerous for a little hobbit, but my Pa was thrilled! He saw that i felt at home in the smithy and he thought that perhaps he had finally found a successor for his craft. None of my brothers had showed any interest at all and never even entered the smithy, save a few times when they had to pass on a message to Pa.

    Pa taught me the basics of smithing at a very young age. I still have the first thing i ever made: a little spoon. Both Pa and i were extremely proud when it was done! It's creation is a very special memory for me. When Pa had finally convinced Ma that i was ready, i officially became his apprentice, together with my childhood friend Annettle. Her parents were very happy that their only daughter could learn a good trade, as they didn't have much money and Pa was delighted to take her in. I had taken her along often and she also seemed to recognize the charms of the metal.

    Things were well and Pa taught us a lot. Until one day, a huge order came in for tools, from Thorin's Hall. My Pa had studied smithing with the Dwarves there and was on very friendly terms with them. He had done jobs for them before, but never something like this. He was so proud and happy to get this kind of trust and appreciation from the Dwarves. In the evening, he went to meet some friends in the Ivy Bush Inn to celebrate. Tavern Keep Hereward later told Ma that Pa had had a few ales too many. He didn't come home that night, nor the next. A search party was sent out and it wasn't long until they found him in the Bog, drowned. Apparently, on his way home, he had slipped and hit his head on a rock when he fell. He landed in the water... Personally, i believe this never would have happened if he hadn't had so much to drink. He was always so careful! I never drink any ale or wine because of this.

    After this, the smithy was in a lot of trouble. Pa's other apprentices went looking for a new Master and only me and Annettle were left. It became my life's goal to restore the smithy to it's former glory. I was only an apprentice, though, so i decided to pack my things and go out into the world to learn, while Annettle remained behind and managed things as well as she could. On my travels, i found that there are many hobbits and other beings that need help with things. I always think it is good to help and it is good advertising for the smithy too, so i help out where i can, while gathering ore and smithing-knowledge.

    And then it is now. Miss Lina has told me about the work you do with the Order. She showed me the fields of Fornost, where there was a great Battle, in which hobbits played a big part. Most writers of history books are not of the hobbit kind though, so it is important to make clear the role and place of hobbits to the world, so they won't forget. I hope i can aid you in the search for Mathoms and hobbit-history. Especially when the Mathoms are made of metal, i might be able to help study them.

    Besides, i would sure love to have some fun with you. I understand you are all very good at having fun...

    Warm regards,
    Spriggy Sparkwood
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Order, miss Spriggy! Hooray!
  3. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Looking forward to meeting you soon. Welcome to the Grand Order!
  4. Spriggy Member

    Thank you kindly for your warm welcomes! It has been absolutely great meeting you all!

  5. Akelay Member

    Yay fer another Needleholer in the Order! *cheers*

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