That Biscuit Box .... found at last?

Discussion in 'Rumours & Gossip' started by Lully, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Lully Member

    Rumours and gossip are swiftly circulating the Shire, along with a dubious sketch,


    of the apparent discovery of Miss Lina's Biscuit Box.

    I'd say from the likeness on that sketch that one of miss Lina's relatives might have stumbled across it.

    If true, the atmosphere at the forthcoming Plough and Stars Dragon Friday might be a little frosty.

    *giggles in anticipation*
  2. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Oh my! That is a marvelous find! That explains why she always seems to have room for the biscuits I sell to Jiro, that end up in Lina's pockets.
  3. Lina Chief

    Oh dear, I have one of those boxes! Eek, best hide it!
  4. Lina Chief

    From the Biscuity burrow

    The Shirriff inspects a local guard lad
    (click for larger version)

    Furrin mischief in Bramblebury!

    Recently, there has been quite a few strange going-ons in the fair village of Bramblebury. Some locals have felt the need ter employ local lads as guards.

    Last week, several locals have experienced strange visitors in their burrows. Apart from one incident, where an industrious hobbits tried to uncover a secret biscuit box (and almost ran off with the owner’s laundry basket instead), more worrying is the recent influx of longshanks entering hobbit burrows without previous invitation.

    At least two such incidents have happened the last few days. One longshank were seen running in and out of a burrow on Harrow Road a late night, while another were seen near Myrtle Court this very evening. Luckily, the home owners were around both times, and one of the unwelcome visitors was sent packing by a hungry-looking sheepdog pup. Still, the local hobbits are somewhat worried about the developments. Some have taken ter locking their doors at night, while others try ter round up local lads ter stand guard outside. So far, them local lads have been found lacking in guarding experiences, seemingly preferring a snooze in the grass instead.

    The local Shirriff, miss Nimelia Stoutfoot, has expressed some concerns about the recent incidents. As fer the bounders, they are still recuperating after diligently standing guard at the inns over the entire yule celebration period, so there is likely precious little help ter be gotten from them for a week or two.
  5. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    In fairness, I did give that lad some roast pork, three pies, some sausages, a dozen biscuits and a tankard of ale.

    Maybe I should have given him some coffee? Or a hammock?
  6. Lina Chief

    While the hired guards prove as ineffective as ever, rumours are slowly spreading that the longshanks in Bramblebury were not out looking for biscuits at all. Rather, it is said that one longshank was browsing through the bookshelf in one of the burrows, muttering something about the fields up north and old books.

    No-one really knows what to make of this all, but a few of the locals certainly has a worried look in their eyes when hearing of the developments.
  7. Lully Member

    *Lully's attention is caught*

    "Up north" .. does they mean Brockenborings?

    Lankies aint got no business up that way!.. unless they're a ranger fellow of course, keeping an eye on the Greenfields. We doesn't mind that.

    *scribbles a note to her Ma in Brockenborings about it and puts it into the Quickpost mailbox*

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