The Badgers Visit "the Forest Of Oaks", Saturday 11 May

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The Badgers visit "The Forest of...

Oldfurlong, Town Square, Shire homesteads
Confirmed Attendees: 3
Start Date: Saturday 11 May 18:00 PM
End Date: Saturday 11 May 23:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
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  1. Lina Chief


    Another years of OAKS is over.
    Time for all the bands to return for one last show.
    And the Brandy Badgers is one of them!

    Date: Saturday May 11
    Time: 6PM UK time / 1PM servertime
    The Badgers play at 7:30PM UK /2:30PM servertime
    Location: Oldfurlong, Town Square, Shire Homesteads

    Eight bands have played during the Oldfurlong Amazing Konsert Series this year. They will return to Oldfurlong on Saturday May 11 for a final show before the summer, playing half an hour each!

    The eight bands playing are:
    • Harfang
    • Wild Mill
    • Polnolunie
    • The Brandy Badgers
    • Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
    • Blue Silmarils ( Andune Ensemble )
    • Gallic Frogs Band
    • A Murder of Crows
    There may be a grand surprise in there somewhere too!
    Come to dance, cheer and have a good time with others before the summer starts proper!

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  2. Lina Chief

    forest oaks 01.jpg

    forest oaks 02.jpg

    A couple of drawings after the Forest of OAKS performance last night.

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