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    Here is a poem I wrote for the Scream Dragon Friday, 13th October 2017. It is based on an old poem about an Elf king, but I meddled with it a bit... making it even scarier!

    The Biscuit Crumbler

    Who rides, so late, through the night?
    It is a hobbit, holding tight
    A biscuit jar, well in his arm
    He holds it safely, he keeps it warm.

    “Dear jar, what does make you shiver?”
    “Oh, the Biscuit Crumbler’s gettin’ nearer!”

    “Don’t yer see it standing in the rain?”
    “Dear jar, ‘tis the mist rising over the plain.”

    Says the Crumbler: “Oh jar, follow me”
    “To the biscuit heaven I bring thee”
    “Where days are warm like oven’s heart”
    “Oh, come with me, it will be smart.”

    Cries the jar: “Master, don’t you hear”
    “What the Crumbler whispers in me ear?”
    “There’s naught to fear, my biscuit jar”
    “The winds just whistle from afar.”

    Says the Crumbler: “Heed my call”

    “Come, escape your own downfall”
    “In my land you’re so secure”
    “No hungry hobbits to endure.”

    “Dear Master, please, don’t yer see?”
    “The Biscuit Crumbler, between the trees?”
    “My dear jar, no need to take fright”
    “The aged grey willow deceives yer sight.”

    “I’ve called thee, praised with odes”
    “You're not willing, so I’ll use force.”
    “My master, the Crumbler grabs me fast!”
    “’Tis my end, he will hurt me at last.”

    It horrifies the hobbit; he swiftly rides on,
    Holding the jar, ‘til break of the dawn
    Reaches his home, pauses on his lawn:

    But in his lap, the jar is… gone…

    OOC: This is based on an old poem by Goethe, Erlkönig. It is one of my favorite scary poems, so I wanted to make my own adaption of it... Maybe not that elegant, but boy doesn't it make you shiver at the end?
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