Poem The Dark Poem

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  1. Lina Chief

    Once I heard the faintest sound
    Far away it seemed to be
    From below the ashen ground
    There was something calling me

    Digging long into the night
    Through the grime of ancient mould
    Even though the work is hard
    Never have I been so cold

    Louder now the sounds below
    Beckoning me deeper still
    Whispers of an endless dark
    Peace and joy I'll gladly kill

    Digging ever deeper now
    Time has all but ceased to be
    Driven by an ancient call
    Set the evil forces free

    Breaking through the earthen wall
    Cold and darkness drowns the night
    Up ahead the voices cry
    Come and take this wicked plight

    Dark infernal wicked thoughts
    Oozing from a bundle brown
    Cradle it with shaking hands
    In its sorrow I will drown

    Happiness forever gone
    Streaming tears I cannot wipe
    Stuck forever to my curse
    Playing these infernal pipes!

    OOC: First recited during the 4th Scary Burrow Walk, November 1st 2015.
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