Poem The Dragon

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Well, not a dragon. But a hobbit that is scarier than any dragon!

    The Dragon

    Oh, don't you play upon that hill
    That winding path will lead to ill
    A wicked creature lives up there
    That watches with an evil stare
    Abandon hope if you go near
    The bravest folk are known to fear
    Also known as Sackville-Baggins!

    For if you knock upon her door
    She'll greet you with a mighty roar
    And thunder strikes upon the ground
    As she madly stamps around
    It's best you turn and run away
    For then you'll live another day!
    The sound of her is always frightening!

    And little children making noise
    Is to her what most annoys
    She'll wield a mighty rolling pin
    To wave at those who make a din
    She'll mock you with her choicest words
    The likes of which are seldom heard
    For when she speaks she's always moaning!

    Now goblins came across the fields
    They clattered swords and bashed their shields
    But coming to the Party Tree
    They disturbed the Dragon having tea
    Unleashed was now her mighty ire
    The goblins fled from out the Shire
    The Dragon left those goblins trailing

    So don't you play upon that hill
    The Dragon there will make you ill
    Lobelia may be her name
    But scaring folk, it is her game
    You'll know her by her angry call
    Terrifying one and all
    Run away from Sackville-Baggins!
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  2. Pycella Member

    Well put, Master Simbo *chuckles* But I think it is good to have a weapon mighty enough to scare the goblins away!

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