Story The Giantess, The Biscuits And The Dormouse

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    (A Yuletide story by Miss Penny Greenworthy)

    The Giantess, the Biscuits and the Dormouse
    This tale begins not far from this very inn, with a scarecrow in a field. I won’t tell you which field or you might rush out and disturb the family of dormice that live within. Now, the daughter dormouse found she had an unusual talent. She could bake the most wonderful biscuits!

    Well, for the time being you will have to take my word for it that the biscuits were wonderful; for whenever she presented a tray of treats to her parents and brothers and sisters, the response was the same: “Hmm, wheaty with a hint of wheat”, or “very wheaty this”, or, “is there wheat in this?”

    Alas, the simple diet of the average dormouse was such that they were unable to appreciate all the flavours of a fine biscuit, such as a hobbit could.

    Eventually, in despair, the dormouse daughter went out into the fields with a parcel of her finest biscuits to share with the neighbourhood creatures.

    She gave a macaroon to a hedgehog. He tasted it and said, “Very nice. You can taste both the milk and the bread in that!”

    She gave a garibaldi biscuit to a Frogmoors frog: “Yum, I can taste flies with a hint of bog moss in that!”

    A thrush observed that her shortbread had a delicate worm-like consistency.

    The dormouse sighed, "Where will I ever find someone with the tastebuds to properly appreciate my biscuits?"
    She wandered onwards. Her roaming brought her close to the burrows where the furry-footed giants lived. She knew to avoid them as they were known to stomp after mice waving their gigantic brooms!

    There she met a burrow-mouse. He nibbled on some gingerbread, and declared it to be, “Cheesy with a cheese aftertaste”. The dormouse sighed again.

    The burrow-mouse, however, was very helpful in telling her that the furry-footed giants were wise in food-lore. He pointed out a particular burrow that was home to a giantess. He told her this giantess liked mice, kept her broom in a cupboard, and hardly ever stomped.

    And so the brave dormouse sneaked through a hole made by the burrow-mouse and left an iced Yule biscuit on a chair.

    When the giantess saw it she was most puzzled, but that did not stop her eating it straight away. “Yum”, she boomed, “A delicious frosting of the sweetest sugars atop a mouth-wateringly buttery and crumbly base. I can taste the most finely milled flour from The Grange and eggs from the best of Farmer Sandson’s layers!”

    The dormouse gave a backflip in delight!

    From that day on the dormouse would leave biscuit gifts for the giantess and wait to hear her expert verdict. The dormouse also spread the word about the biscuit-lore of the furry-footed giants.

    So, the moral of this story is...

    If ever you find a mysterious biscuit appear in your burrow. Remember to have a good nibble on it and declare loudly your verdict on the taste – for perhaps a woodland creature baked it especially for you!

    The End

    'The Leaning Tower of Biscuit'
    A still-life study by Dilly Greenworthy

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    This is such a lovely story, Miss Penny! I loved hearing it, and love it again reading it here. Hooray for grand tales! *cheers loudly*
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    A wonderful story, Miss Penny!

    I wonder who this Giantess could be though.... *Chuckles*
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    *giggles* we need more biscuit stories! A grand one there!
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    What a grand story! I enjoyed reading it!
  6. Akelay Member

    Well, no need to wonder, we all KNOW who the giantess was! *chuckles*

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