Poem The Great Goblin Battle

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  1. Lina Chief

    The Great Goblin Battle

    In early morn we started out
    Through sunlit fields of crystal dew
    And up ahead we heard a shout
    Beyond The Shire's tallest yew
    Me uncle, auntie, cousins there
    All greeting us with smiles and hugs
    Their table set with silverware
    The finest food, their grandest mugs

    A visit to me closest kin
    A happy lazy summer day
    Until us children make a din
    It's hot, we're bored, we want ter play!
    So off we run into the field
    To seek adventure for the small
    Imagine all that is revealed
    When eager minds tell stories tall

    Look out! That is no flock of sheep
    But hordes of wolves and goblins vile
    Who wants ter see us children weep
    Before them eat us with a smile
    Avast! Ahoy! We'll chase them off!
    These dried-up sticks are really swords
    We'll stand our ground and curse and scoff
    The Shire never saw such wards!

    Our enemies are on the run
    We'll chase them all the way ter Bree
    But up ahead in setting sun
    Them run towards the tallest tree
    And as the goblins bray with fear
    Our victory them try ter spoil
    A wooden plank will bring them clear
    A ditch with muddy sticky soil

    We have ter cross the runny chasm
    Ter win the battle fair and square
    So careful now, no lurch or spasm
    We cross the plank with utmost care
    But balance is a tricky thing
    When tired from a goblin brawl
    So suddenly I start ter swing
    And headfirst in the mud I fall

    Them other children stop and jeer
    Them laugh at cries of loud dismay
    "Ter battle goblins with no fear"
    "Is this the Brockenborings way?"
    But from behind the flock of sheep
    Attacks with purpose strong and true
    So in the ditch them youngsters leap
    Their swearwords make the air turn blue

    The shame! The woe! The battle lost!
    But even worse what waits ahead
    When every child is duly tossed
    Into the tub that brings us dread
    But when we go ter sleep at night
    We know that morning sets us free
    Another day ter join the fight
    Beneath the The Shire's tallest tree


    This is me entry for this year's Summer Poetry Competition. It was touch and go this time. I hadn't really had the time to prepare one, but found a spare moment in the afternoon before the competition. So I have to admit I cut a few corners, borrowing some situations from my spring poem last year (an involuntary visit into mud + a bathing tub).

    Else, it is an attempt to think back to those lovely summers when yer were little, when every day was an adventure, yer imagination could run free, and them grown-ups mostly left yer alone until yer came home dirty, tired and happy. After a meal and a good night's sleep, yer were off again the next day!
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  2. Rubellita Member

    Oh, a very sweet poem! And how it brings back memories of my own youth! *cheers and applauds loudly*
    I bet you also won a prize with this? If not (or even if you have) I hereby grant you the "Made Rubellita Smile Award"!
  3. Lina Chief

    Thank yer! It won, but an extra award is grand! *cheers*
  4. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Congratulations, Lina, it is a lovely poem again! Sure were adventurous days, them days of youth. *smiles fondly*
  5. Spriggy Member

    So nostalgic and sweet! Love it very much! *cheers happily*
  6. Akelay Member

    A great idea and a sweet poem! Me, too immediately thought of visiting my grandma when I was a little lass and running around there in the fields and gardens with the other children! My favourite line is "And as the goblins bray with fear" - you can really see the sheep running away from the children with their stick swords... *takes a sip of her tea and goes on indulging in happy memories*

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