The Lovely Rowan Tree

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    The Lovely Rowan Tree

    The summer sun shines warm over the Shire
    I go to have a stoll, I feel so free
    Wand'ring into wilderness I can't help but admire
    The lovely Rowan tree

    Slender is the trunk, the bark is shiny
    And as a happy sight for every bee
    Beautiful in spring a million blossoms, white and tiny
    On the Rowan tree

    Tender leaflets, so fair and green
    Just like a hand, a friendly hand
    Swaying gently in the summer breeze

    Announcing berries of orange sheen
    Luring birds from all the land
    To come and relish on the lovely rowan trees

    Savouring the lush late summer berries
    No other place a bird would want to be
    And far away the birdie's lovesong softly carries
    For the Rowan tree

    This Poem was written by me pa, Ryngo Shrubland, and he was inspired to it by Miss Rowana and the Historical Field Trip to the Woods.
    OOC: If you want to sing this poem, you can do that, too. The original song was written by another great Ryngo, or rather Ringo:
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    Very sweet!
  3. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Ooh, I hope we will hear Master Ryngo sing his poem one day. Is he waiting for Miss Rowana for that? *winks*
  4. Lina Chief

    Lovely! *cheers*

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