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    There are monsters in the Shire.... Here's a poem about one that was recited on my behalf by Tahitoa at the 4th Scary Burrow Walk, November 1st 2015.

    The Monster

    A monster! A monster!
    It is coming for me!
    I can see at the end of the hall
    As a storm breaks outside
    I'm trapped up inside
    And no one to hear my calls

    It's moving! It's moving!
    A few strides it takes
    It shudders with deadly intent
    With each step it makes
    The floor seems to quake
    I huddle deep into my bed

    Much closer! Much closer!
    I can now see its eyes
    They are filled with a fiery glow
    And its drooling mouth
    With sharp fangs sticking out
    Its figure is starting to grow

    The growling! The howling!
    The noises it makes
    A sickening slobbering sound
    A shriek brings me pain
    Such a deadly refrain
    As outside the thunder still pounds

    The candles! The candles!
    They've now all gone out
    A fearsome howling wind blows
    And with each lightening blast
    A deep shadow it casts
    I sense the beast's breath on my toes

    It's over! It's over!
    For there on my bed
    The beast sits there ready to claw
    So I close up my eyes
    As I sense my demise
    And then I remember no more...

    It's morning! It's morning!
    I was not eaten up
    For there fast asleep by my head
    Curled up in the ball
    It's no monster at all
    But my frightened pet dog on my bed
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