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    This is a story about a raincloud.
    It wasn't a happy cloud at all, because nobody seemed to like it.
    Wherever it went, people always glared at it and yelled:
    "Oh no, not another raincloud again!"
    "I hope it's going away soon, it is blocking the sun!"
    "It makes everything look so gloomy" and so on.
    When the raincloud heard this, it became sad.
    You know, it was of the sensitive sort.
    And when a cloud is feeling down, it's practically raining down.
    That made the folks grumble even more, and that drove the cloud away.

    One day the cloud hovered over a turnip field.
    On the field, a farmer looked at his veggies with a sad look on his face.
    "The summer has been awfully dry so far, my 'nips won't grow at all!" he wept.
    "I won't have enough of them to make turnip juice for my little daughter!"
    "She will surely weep her eyes off now."
    That made the sensitive cloud sad, and it started to weep.
    The rain fell down heavily and everything was soaked in an instant.
    That made the farmer very happy and he bounced happily among his turnips.
    "What a joy, now it's all solved!" he said.
    "Thank you, raincloud!" he shouted, but the cloud had already gone away and didn't hear him.

    Next, the cloud reached the centre of... Michel Delving!
    There, a tired bounder was looking at the Bounder's Statue.
    "They gave me this task to clean this statue from bird poo," he groaned.
    "It's such a mess, I will never be ready! All my friends have gone to inspect the Bird and Baby by now."
    The cloud didn't really understand what it meant to inspect babies and birds, but it started to weep nevertheless.
    Of course, the following rain poured down and cleaned the statue up in an instant.
    "What a relief!" the soaked but happy bounder sighed.
    "Now I can go and inspect the ales myself too! Thank yer, cloud!"
    But the cloud didn't hear, as it had gone already.

    The cloud swept further, far away to a place where it wouldn't bother anyone.
    There, the cloud met the sun.
    The sun was ever cheerful, beaming and spreading its light upon all the world.
    But it didn't make the cloud happy, oh no.
    "Oh sun, you are always so bright and joyful, everyone's favorite!" the cloud moaned.
    "But when folks see me, they just scold me. No one likes a raincloud."
    "I don't think so," the sun replied.
    "They just don't understand or remember to give you any credit for all those favors you do for them."
    "I can give them light and sweet warmth, but I cannot give them water."
    "No flower, no fish and no other living creature can live without it."
    "Oh I see," the cloud said.
    "But it feels so bad when they just scold me and shoo me away when I am around."
    "Just for once, it would be grand to see happy faces around me and some cheer."
    "I might be able to help you there," the sun said.
    "Could you?" the raincloud gasped.
    Sensitive as it was, it started to weep, touched by the kindness of the sun.
    And with the sunlight and the falling rain, an image appeared in the sky...
    Yes, a rainbow it was, with all the colors!
    All the folks peered out their homes, saw the rainbow and cheered.
    "What a beautiful sight!" they shouted out loud.
    "I have never seen so many colors in my life!" a wee lass said.
    "Oh, there's a color I have to add to my dye collection!" Master Simbo said somewhere in Songburrow and made a note.
    "See now?" the sun said to the raincloud.
    "Together, we bring joy to all the world."
    "We don't always get credit for it, but it doesn't mean that others wouldn't love us."
    "We are equally important," the sun said.

    From that day on, the raincloud didn't feel that sad anymore.
    Oh, it still wept sometimes and provided the earth with rain.
    But those were tears of joy, and that makes all the difference.
    The end.
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    A wonderful story, Miss Pycella! (Especially the bit about the dyes!)
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