The Return of the Flute, Saturday 21 April

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The Return of the Flute

Overhill, the Shire, Laurelin server
Confirmed Attendees: 8
Start Date: Saturday 21 April 19:30 PM
End Date: Saturday 21 April 21:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
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  1. Lina Chief


    Them say that Shire badgers greet the spring with song, after having run into mad ol' Jethro back in the day.
    Total nonsense of course... but wouldn't it be fun if it were so?

    Date: Saturday April 21st, 2018
    Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
    Location: Overhill, The Shire, Laurelin server

    As usual, we'll just have to go try find those singing spring badgers in the Shire forests. As usual, we'll probably be disappointed.

    So, the Brandy Badgers have a backup musical for the night, telling the tale of ... mad ol' Jethro, the one who first ran into the mystical musical badgers back in the day. 50 years after he started making music in the Shire, he has lost is flute! He needs a new one! The toolsmith won't give him one! Things are bad! Things have to get better!

    Welcome to a tale of high drama, low comedy, hard tests and soft berries! And lots of standing on one leg while playing the flute. Come join us!

    OOC details:
    The event will be a musical, based around the real-life music of Jethro Tull. After all, they celebrate their 50th anniversary these days. However, the story and song lyrics are performed in the /say channel and will all be somewhat LOTRO lore relevant.

    The musical will be performed by The Brandy Badgers, an in-house music collective of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

    This is a hobbit-themed tale, although if there are travellers from out of bounds who have good reason to be into hobbit music and badger mythology, then by all means come! Just remember to behave well and stay at the back, so you don’t block the view of the locals! This is also a roleplaying event, so please keep chat in-character and don't discuss things not belonging in Middle Earth.
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  2. Lina Chief

    Want to know more about the Badgers and how we develop these spring musicals? Have a look here!
  3. Lina Chief

    Tonight's the night! Hope to see yer there!

    The play will be held just outside of Overhill, by the river. See pictures below. If you're in the center of Overhill, just follow the road north toward Brockenborings. Just outside of the fence on the north end of Overhill village and before the bridge to Brockenborings, we'll be down at the river.

    7:30PM UK! Welcome!

    stage 02.jpg
    Stage area

    stage 01.jpg
    Stage area seen from the south

    stage 03.jpg Overhill to the south of the stage (on a rainy day)
  4. Lina Chief

    Grand times tonight! Thanks Badgers for playing and helping out with the musical, thanks all in the audience who came to listen. It was lovely to see yer all there!

    Here are some drawings from the night:

    spring project 06.jpg

    spring project 05.jpg

    spring project 04.jpg

    spring project 03.jpg

    spring project 02.jpg

    spring project 01.jpg

    spring project 07.jpg

    spring project 08.jpg

    spring project 09.jpg
  5. Pycella Member

    Thanks for all the fun again, fellow badgers and the audience! *cheers* It was a magical evening!

    Miss Hollyberrye's moving drawing of the performance is here, if you missed it:

    Thank you for putting that up, Miss Hollyberrye!

    Oh, and here's a Badger dot-to-dot for you!


    Don't miss the badger who's sneaking into the audience!

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