Poem The Silly Lad

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A poem about a silly lad! Well, all lads are silly really, but this lad was particularly silly...

    The Silly Lad

    A silly hobbit once had heard
    The life was lovely as a bird
    And so he thought that he would see
    If he could fly amongst the trees

    He climbed a tree, and jumped, and found
    That he fell quickly to the ground
    He gained a lump upon his head
    And spent all of the week in bed

    And there he dreamed that he could be
    A little buzzing bumblebee
    He saw a life amongst the flowers
    Just buzzing all around for hours

    On sipping dew drops from a rose
    An ant then scampered up his nose
    The startled lad then ran quite quickly
    To spend the week just feeling sickly

    But soon the lad had made a wish
    That he could live just like a fish
    To swim along the flowing streams
    Amongst the reeds, that was his dream

    But this was quite a foolish thing
    For the lad had not yet learned to swim
    He sploshed and splashed and almost sank
    Before crawling to the muddy bank

    So many things the lad had tried
    He tried and failed, and then he cried
    He ran to see his doting Mam
    And wailed "I don't know what I am"

    "Oh son", she said, "Do not you see?
    "There's only one thing you should be"
    "Don't be something that you're not"
    "Just be yourself, that's all you've got"
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  2. Rubysue Member

    Bravo, Simbo! I think that may be my favorite yet.
  3. Pycella Member

    That is a very grand poem, Master Simbo! *cheers and hands a piece of pie*

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