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    Songburrow Hall is arguably home to the finest collection of mathoms in the Shire (the less said about Brombard Foxtail and them amateurs in the Mathom House, the better). Until recently, the mathoms have been kept stored away safely, without easy access for visitors to the hall. However, to foster the development of hobbit scholarship and historical studies, this is about to change.

    These pages gives a catalogue of the items currently on display in Songburrow Hall. Over time, the exhibition will also be extended with collected tales about the mathoms and how they were recovered. The tales will be written down in books which will be easily accessible for scholars and guests to the hall.

    Additionally, the members of the Order will be happy to tell you stories of the mathoms that are closest to their hearts. Especially if, er, motivated with copious amounts of solid hobbit food. Pies, sausages and biscuits are particular favourites.

    We would like to extend our thanks to all hobbits who have helped us recover these mathoms over the years. Know that we'll keep looking for more items that rightfully belong in the Shire. We are also particularly grateful to the Thain in Tuckborough for allowing us to use his library for research and studies.

    For enquiries, be it about the complete mathom collection, individual mathoms or generally about hobbit customs and history, just ask one of the members of The Order. Should you prefer to send a letter, please forward it to:
    The Grand Order
    Songburrow Hall
    4 Brookbank Street
    Songburrow, Shire Homesteads
    Please address your letter to one of the following recipients: Simbo, Lina, Tibba or Nimelia.

    OOC information

    To help keep the "mathom" theme of the Order going, this is a thread where we aim to collect all information about the mathoms we have collected over the years, as well as those we find in the future.

    The listing is likely incomplete as of know (in particular, the "special mathom" listing will likely miss mathoms like poems, "RP" items etc.). Please add missing mathoms here to the thread, so we can add to the collection.

    Additionally, we'd love to get mathom stories related to many of the items here. If there is a mathom you recovered yourself, please add the associated story here. We'll also try gather tales from our "mathom nights" here as well. Links to the tales can easily be added to the listings above, should the thread grow long.
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    Catalogue of mathoms currently at the Hall

    mathoms listing.jpg


    Bow of the adventurer
    Crafted centuries ago for the Hobbit-archers sent to fight in the last battle of Fornost, it retains its masterful strength.

    Peace Bringer
    Sister to Peacekeeper, it is believed this bow was borne by a member of the Shire-company sent to aid King Arvedui at the last battle of Fornost.

    Hunter's Eye
    This bow was once borne by one of the greatest hunters in the Shire. He oft brought down his quarry with a single, well-placed arrow.


    Jacket of the Bullroarer
    Fine armour of Hobbit-make

    Cuirass of Tuckborough
    Armour of hobbit-make, sturdy and light

    Jacket of the Tower Hills
    Ancient armour crafted by Hobbits of the Shire


    Gloves of the Brandywine
    Armour crafted by the nimble Hobbits of the Shire

    Gauntlets of the Bullroarer
    Fine armour of hobbit-make


    Shoulders of Tuckborough
    Armour of hobbit-make, sturdy and light


    Cap of the White Downs
    Cap of the Shire

    Cowl of the Shire
    Cowl of Hobbit-make

    Helm of the Burglar
    Durable yet nimble, like the Hobbits that crafted it

    Helm of the Took
    Finely crafted for mischief and adventure

    Hat of the Shire
    Hat of hobbit-make

    Hat of Tuckborough
    Hat of hobbit-make, sturdy and light


    Marcho's Edge
    Rumour has it that this knife was once borne by Marcho Fallohide, one of the two brothers who founded the Shire

    Blade of the Willow
    Slim, tapered blade made by Hobbit-smiths, deceptively keen and swift when drawn for combat

    Shoes (!)

    Shoes of the Shirriff
    Armour of Hobbit-make, sturdy and light.

    Shoes of the Brandywine
    Armour crafted by the nimble hobbits of the Shire

    Shoes of Westmarch
    Finely crafted crimson shoes of hobbit-make

    Boots of the Bullroarer
    Fine armour of hobbit-make
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    Sleds and pie plates

    Shield of the Northfarthing
    Crafted many years ago to repel a sweeping tide of Goblins from the Shire, little used, yet still strong and true.

    Shield of the Shire
    Rare to find such finely crafted tools of war in the Shire, like the Hobbits themselves: well-crafted, sturdy and dependable

    Godelot's Lid
    This old shield saw little use as anything other than a pot lid, until Godelot Harfoot took it to the last battle at Fornost

    Walking Sticks

    Staff of Laburnum
    Crafted by Hobbit-hands for the Battle of Greenfields, a strong, hardened staff to drive back encroaching darkness.

    Staff of the Westfarthing
    Carved in distant parts of Shire, hardened wood enhanced with steel and iron, infused with the power of the distant sea

    This staff was carried by Blanco Fallohide as he and his brother crossed the Brandywine River into the land now known as the Shire. It was crafted from wood grown east of the Misty Mountains

    This staff was once borne by the Old Took in his 'respectable' days. It was stolen by a nephew who went adventuring


    Club of the Bounder
    Hardened and enhanced with steel, sturdy and strong like its Hobbit-creators

    This club was borne across the Misty Mountains by the fathers of the Harfoots. It was used to defend the folk from raids by marauding sellswords

    Bonfire Club
    It is said this knobby club was crafted from wood gathered when the Brandybucks cut down and burned hundreds of trees from the Old Forest in the Bonfire Glade

    Club of Michel Delving
    Fashioned from a single oak log, a symbol of power from the Westfarthing of the Shire

    Club of the Great Took
    Crafted of hardened wood and accented with iron and steel, a regal weapon created for great Hobbit-leaders

    Bullroarer's Son
    This club is so big that Shire-folk say only a descendant of the Bullroarer Took would be able to wield it

    Longbottom Club
    This club was used to protect the leaf-fields of Longbottom against the ruffians stirring trouble in the Southfarthing

    Serlo's Log
    This club was borne by a hobbit-captain in the last battle of Fornost. Legend has it that it was used to slay a great captain of Angmar

    This club was crafted by a Staddle-hobbit in hopes of becoming a legend in the Midgewater Marshes. He became a legend after he went missing

    This club was borne across the Misty Mountains by the fathers of the Stoors. It proved that Stone-trolls are not completely impervious to wood.
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    Cloak of Shadows
    Cloak of Shire-make, created of fine material, dyed deep colours to dissolve into the darkness

    Hooded Cloak of the Shire
    Sturdy, thick cloak of hobbit-make


    Spear of the Marish
    A spear forged for war by the Hobbit-folk of the Marish, a race known for adopting the crafting skills of men

    Spear of the Green Dragon
    Expertly crafted spear of Hobbit-make, forged in the likeness of the spears of men once used to hunt dragons of legend

    This spear was crafted by a hunter from Needlehole for the purpose of ridding Rushock Bog of the monsterous toads which dwell there. You have to be quick to skewer a toad

    Jools and pocket items

    Armband of the Shire
    Simple in its creation, yet hand-tooled with great care to reflect the carefree spirit of its maker.

    Brass Button
    Crafted with care by hobbit-hands, decorative and intricately wrought.

    Old Bindo's Pocket-handkerchief
    This handkerchief belonged to Bindo Brockhouse of the Shire. He never believed in Elves or magic . . . Until he met one in the woods above Woodhall
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    Special Mathoms

    Pouch of Shire-Dirt
    Many hobbits carry a pouch of dirt from their homeland in their pockets.

    Numerous pages from the book "Bullroarer's Boy"
    The Subtitle for this book reads: "The Compleat Accounts of the Marvelous Adventures and Mighty Exploits of Haldemar Took. See also:

    Fireside Tales of the Shire
    After conversing with Dunlendings of the Falcon Clan, you were compelled to pen what you learned. The lessons are not lost on you and the memories evoked move you greatly

    Ca 17 (the number increases all the time) clubs that some claim were used by the Bullroarer during the Battle of Greenfields.

    Dwarven donations

    Halfur's Goblin-Tooth
    Halfur of the Blue Mountains collected this tooth as a trophy from a goblin he bested bare-handed

    Bow of the Goblin Wars

    Great Club of the Goblin-Wars
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  8. Primrrose Member

    Primrrose's family song - Summer is Icomen in

    This song has been known to the Spinney family for generations, and I am the current 'custodian'. I consulted Master Elrond about it, and he is of the opinion that the original words (or at least the words of the earliest copy we have) are in the dialect spoken by hobbits 700 or 800 years ago!. The version I use is based on this, but with the language updated so it is understandable to present-day hobbits. I have placed a copy of this rendition in the kin archives.

    One or two of the original words are still of unsure meaning, even to Master Elrond: 'The buck verteth' for example, which might mean that the buck jumps up and down, or perhaps that the buck farts!

    I am well pleased that the song has been recognised by the Kin as an ancient mathom of the Shire, and consequently proud that my family have kept its memory alive for so long!
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    I have a couple that don't seem to be mentioned above.

    The Club of the Shire-Muster which I found some good long time back being carried by some big ol' orc just sassy as could be with something that obviously didn't rightfully belong to him. Seems to me clearly hobbit workmanship, and I kept it as a item of interest to me professionally as a wood crafter. I'm afraid I'm pretty attached to it (bound) but folks interested can stop by me burrow for a look.

    I've also got a Oak Staff of the Shire, which I took of a brigand up in the Green Hill country. Not sure how mathomish it is, coming from within bounds and all, but there must be some sort o' story to go with it, and I guess it went bad for whatever hobbit owned the stick before the lankie got hold of it. If yer think this would be good for the Ken House collection, I would be happy to hand it over for all to see.
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    Ooh, things from within our bounds are very much mathoms. The sad part its that many of them tend to disappear from our lands over time. That's why we go out to recover them from time to time! And aye, we'd love that staff in the collection!
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    Thank yer fer dustin' off and labellin all them Mathoms', Miss Lina!

    That's quite the collection that has been gathered over the years, and it's wonderful ter have them on display!

    Now I'm not a great Mathom finder meself, but on occassion, mostly by change, I seem ter have stumbled onto some old interestin' objects of Hobbit make!

    Some of them were interestin' enough ter bring along ter a mathom appraisal night!

    Two in particular! I have found me an old dagger and a silly stick!

    Here are the stories of how I found them!

    Presentation of Marcho's Edge (at a Mathom Night in late 2013 I believe)
    Presentation of the Staddle Stick (A week after the fishin' trip ter Staddle)
    Now we never exactly learned more about these two items!

    Especially the first one seems ter be really old and could be of special interest!

    If anyone knows more about these items, I would be very interested ter learn more about them!
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