Poem The Thing That Even Bullroarer Fears...

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    A taller lad yer never saw
    The stoutest Took in farthings four
    A full-size steed he rode with pride
    His club was longer than an oar

    On Greenfields hobbits rallied round
    The hero of the goblin war
    He killed their king in one fell swoop
    And took his place in hobbit lore

    Oh Bullroarer, we bow to you
    This bright and festive spring-time day
    Whenever danger roams our land
    Your bravery will show the way

    But courage only goes so far
    For even heroes have their flaws
    A worry never overcome
    Their daring crushed by terror's jaws

    And even one so bold as him
    One thing he'd always face with fear
    A source of near eternal dread
    His tight and tiny underwear!

    At four foot five, an awkward height
    No cloth did ever fit him well
    With tiny steps he moved ahead
    Constricted by them britches fell

    So think of him this day in spring
    And ponder on his famous roar
    The reason for his loudest screams?
    Those piddly pants he always wore...

    OOC: written for and performed during Bullroarer Took Day 2016
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