Poem The Tidy Lad

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    Once a lad lived in his hole
    He took good care of his household
    He loved to have many guests
    But he did not like any pets
    Because he was tidy

    One night, he heard a knock
    Is it a relative from Stock?”
    It was a rabbit, slim and gray
    But the lad shooed it away
    Because he was tidy

    Other night, he heard a scratch
    Is it the fisher with his catch?”
    But a black cat there just lay
    So the lad drove it away
    Because he was tidy

    One night, a bump on the door
    Is it the lass that I adore?”
    A squirrel there was, all alone
    But the lad groaned 'til it'd gone
    Because he was tidy

    One day, the lad went to the woods
    To gather there some tasty shrooms
    Then rose a stormy weather
    And the lad seeked shelter
    Because he was tidy

    He saw a cabin of sturdy wood
    It looks safe, so it will do.”
    I can't get home without any light.”
    Here I will spend my night.”
    Because I'm tidy!

    On the floor, he found nuts to eat
    And a warm, fluffy pillow for sleep
    In the fire, two coals glowed warmth
    The hobbit felt strange comfort
    Even as it wasn't tidy!

    When he woke up at the dawn
    He heard his pillow moan
    It was a rabbit, after all
    Friendly too, to keep him warm

    Then, he saw a squirrel too
    The nuts must've been its food
    But it just gave them to the lad
    It did not ask anything back

    There was no coal in the fireplace
    Only a cat with a gloomy gaze
    There was nothing to provide warmth
    But the cabin did not feel cold

    Now the lad opens up his door
    To every animal, big and small
    They're his very greatest friends
    He admires their unselfishness
    Even as they are untidy!
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