Poem The Troll!

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    Not all trolls are big and mean! Here's a poem about one such troll!

    The Troll

    A Troll he groaned and sat and stared
    At bones of goats he'd eaten there
    And skulls of orcs, and goblins too
    That he had baked into a stew
    And strewn around within a pit
    Some rats he'd roasted on a spit
    So many creatures great and small
    Whatever moved, he'd eat them all

    Such feasts he'd fed on through the years
    Yet now he felt a little queer
    His belly wasn't rumbling right
    He found he'd lost his appetite
    If truth be told, that recently
    He tired of what he had for tea
    And hungered for some different meat
    He yearned for something new to eat

    And so, one night, when all alone
    He left behind those stacks of bones
    And with a sack within his hand
    He trundled off across the land
    On rocky paths, through gloomy woods
    He searched for different kinds of foods
    But nothing ever came his way
    He felt his belly waste away...

    Soon feeling weary on his feet
    He really needed food for eat
    Thus he was forced to hatch a plan
    And one more time he'd hunt a man
    Now standing near there was a farm
    He saw that he could chance his arm
    For soon enough the moon revealed
    A man there standing in a field

    The Troll went crashing through a wall
    Whilst giving out a gurgling roar
    He rumbled forth and swung his club
    And gave the man a mighty thud
    The man then fell upon the ground
    Not uttering a single sound
    The Troll, who saw the man lie dead
    Just bent right down and grabbed his head

    The head it was an orange hue
    His fingers were all orange too
    The Troll was puzzled at that sight
    But still he took a hearty bite
    Of course, the Troll was not to know
    He'd bit into an old scarecrow
    For all he knew it tasted fine
    He yearned for more on which to dine

    And all about upon the ground
    Were orange heads that laid around
    The Troll just quickly filled his sack
    And put them all upon his back
    He even saw some heads of green
    And reached for them to snap them clean
    He savoured all these new delights
    He'd found his dream that very night

    And from that day the Troll would eat
    These pumpkins up instead of meat
    He'd feast on sprouts and lettuce too
    His favourite was veggie stew
    He left his kin to flesh and bone
    Whilst he would ramble, all alone
    To look for food in farmers' fields
    Enjoying every single meal

    If you have pumpkins on a farm
    And hear a noise, don't be alarmed
    Or carrots in your garden too
    And something comes to visit you
    Just stay inside your bed that night
    And go outside at dawn's first light
    And if your garden's full of holes
    You have been raided by that Troll!
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